Heroes watching marathon

Don’t particularly have anything to do this weekend, so I just decided to stay home chillin’ myself out with watching the season 3 of Heroes. I’m at episode 17 now out of 25 episodes.

Can’t wait to finish watching Season 3 because I have all the 19 episodes of Season 4; all in 720p HD format waiting next.


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9 Responses

  1. aidilx says:

    semuanya di download ke inche imre? whoa!

  2. Zaif says:

    Bila la i nak pi umah u nak copy all the hd series n movies nih…

  3. wan says:

    dont waste your time watching Heroes because the show has been cancelled in the US (mid of season 4) and there is no episode now.

  4. zaffVader says:

    better tgk prison break hehe.. tapi dah takde new season ar

  5. zaffVader says:

    layan gak citer tu, smart person like u, kene tgk hehehe

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