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Ramadhan 2009: 1st Day

Alhamdulillah, I still have the oppurtunity to be in the month of Ramadhan for this year. For the sahur, didn’t plan to going out for meal, even though it’s weekend. So I just cook...


Pengisytiharan Puasa 2009

It’s just been announced that the fasting month for this year will begin this Saturday. Get the Flash Player to see this player. It’s kinda interesting to see, that the wordings that are used...


Jadual Imsak dan Berbuka 1430H / 2009M

For personal use only 😉This timetable is for Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. RAMADHAN 1430H WAKTU IMSAK WAKTU BERBUKA OGOS / SEPTEMBER 2009M HARI HIJRIAH MILADIAH Sabtu 1 22 Ogos 5.43 pagi 7.24 malam Ahad...


Cheaper, Slimmer PS3 unveiled

The same evolution that always happened to game consoles from Sony, it’s getting slimmer and cheaper. Started with the original Playstation getting really small PSOne, then PS2 getting slimmer too. Then, the handheld PSP...


Maxis iPhone 3GS Special Privilege

As I suspected in my previous entry, Maxis has already come out with a plan for existing iPhone 3G user to own iPhone 3GS. No, it’s not a trade-in-your-old-iphone like what they had when...


Thailand TOM Training – Day 5

Finally, it’s the final day of the training. And here are the survivors that endure the 5 days course of the training. Going back to KL tomorrow. So I guess it’s goodbye to Bangkok.


Thailand TOM Training – Day 4

It’s 4th day of the training. I moved to a new topic today – which is tabulation. Things went pretty well, which I finished presenting all the topics for the day rather quick. The...


Thailand TOM Training – Day 3

There’s actually no training today, as it’s a public Holiday for Thailand due to H.M. Queen’s Birthday, which also marks the Mother’s Day in Thailand. To start off the morning, I take longer breakfast...


Thailand TOM Training – Day 2

It’s the end of the second day of training. So Sastra is bringing me around Bangkok again tonight, this time to the central of Bangkok. Traffic here is as bad as Malaysia after office...


Thailand TOM Training – Day 1

First day of the training. There are 8 of my trainees altogether, where 1 decided not to attend since she didn’t really finish the foundation training yet. Finding the Thailand office is not that...