Ramadhan 2012 : Day 7

Bought an extra fried me during fast breaking yesterday, that I will eat for “sahur” this morning. It looks pretty tempting yesterday evening, but when it’s this early in the morning, it’s quite hard to have an appetite for food.

Bought this for fast breaking yesterday too, but too full to finish it. I guess I have extra fish for “sahur” today.

It’s been really hot today, and the car’s air conditioner broke down. While looking for a workshop that have air conditioner repair service around my house area, I saw a booth selling mixed rice near KTM Batu Muda.

Just not in the mood to go to any crowded place for today, so I just decided to get the food here. My meal for fast breaking for today – mixed rice with fried beef and “paru”, together with “ayam percik”.


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