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m’re undefined redefined

For those who are visiting my blog regularly, no, you are not at a wrong blog. Finally, I just decided to change the look of my blog, as it has been unchanged since November...


New theme for my blog

Wow. My blog seems neglected lately. Just don’t have idea what to write anymore. Well, I think it’s time to have a fresh new look for my blog. Hope you like the theme selection...


FarmVille theme

Deepavali just over, so I need to replace the Deepavali header that I put up about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. Can’t really think of anything good to make as header, until I played...


Deepavali 2010 theme

Deepavali is just around the corner, so decided to change the header of this blog again to bring up the mood for this festive season.


My blog downtime

I’ve been parading telling around about how fast my blog access now after migration to the Asia Pacific data center. But over the weekend, I didn’t feel the same fast loading that I used...


My blog new theme II

Glad to know that I have a fan of my blog new look from the changing that I did over the weekend. Looks like someone got hypnotize by the cockroaches. Go Oyen. Crash those...


Migrate to Asia-Pacific data center II

Following up from my last entry, after so much thoughts, I’m determined to migrate my blog to Asia-Pacific data center. Weekend is just a perfect time that I can concentrate fully on this process,...


Migrate to Asia-Pacific data center I

I’ve been self-hosting my WordPress blog for a year plus already where I have my hosting with Godaddy.com. Actually, I have a web hosting account with Godaddy.com since 4th February 2007. And throughout that...


My blog is iPhone friendly

Got iPhone? Now you can view my blog with the usual iPhone Apps look. All the blog entries appears exactly the same as what you will see on computer, minus the extra stuffs that...


My blog is running on WordPress III

With the blog social widgets gone previously, my blog kinda feel incomplete. Blog list widget is something that I use everyday to check the latest updates from my fellow friends, just from one place....


My blog is running on WordPress II

It’s been 2 and 1/2 week already that my blog is running on WordPress. It was a very hard decision, where I lost all friend connections that I had on previous Blogger blog. How...