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I’ve been self-hosting my WordPress blog for a year plus already where I have my hosting with Godaddy.com. Actually, I have a web hosting account with Godaddy.com since 4th February 2007. And throughout that 3 and half years period, I’m a happy user. I hardly see any downtime with the hosting.

But sometimes, the loading speed of my blog is noticeably slow. This is due that my blog is hosted at US Regional Data Center. It is also the fact that Malaysia internet keeps having speed problem accessing websites residing in US.

Last night, while visiting to Go Daddy’s website, I see the following. It seems that now there is Asia Pacific data center available too.

The Asia Pacific data center underscores our commitment to serving customers in Asia. This addition to our US and European-based data centers gives hosting customer throughout the Asia Pacific region faster, more responsive websites.

Above is the quote from the website about the new Asia Pacific data center. 99.9% uptime guarantee? Go Daddy seems to live up to that.

But before I jump to any conclusion, it’s good to analyze the visitors of my blog first.

Look like for the period of last 1 month, 73.26% of my blog visitors are from Malaysia (i.e. Asia). Therefore, I think migrating my blog to Asia Pacific data center will have benefits. So I sent an email to the support asking about the possibility of migrating my web to Asia Pacific data center.

I got a reply after that saying that they can’t just move it like that. What I have to do is to cancel my current hosting account, and buy the Asia-Pacific server hosting account. There will be a refund for any remaining time that I have on my current hosting. Looks like I will lose nothing here.

But it is a matter of how determined I am, where I have to take down my blog for a few days to migrate this over to a new data center;

  • Backup all the files and databases from current hosting
  • Cancel my current hosting account
  • Wait for 24 hours before my domain name can be used again
  • Buy hosting on Asia-Pacific server
  • Upload all files and setup back all databases

At this moment, I’m still thinking of whether to go ahead with this or not. It’s exciting to think that I will see the speed improvement when I access the admin page of WordPress, and more important, my Asia’s blog visitors which makes up 73% of my total visitors will also see faster and more responsive blog. I hope I will come to a conclusion pretty soon.


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  1. Anif® says:

    I think you should migrate to asia pacific data center since most of your blog visitors coming from asia 🙂

    • Imran says:

      Would love to migrate, but thinking of all the tedious works of setting up everthing all over again on the new hosting; that gives a bit turn off. Huhu

  2. STB says:

    Were can i find ip of asia-pacific or european data centers for pinging before buying?

  3. Hi,

    I see you already did it.
    Just for the future, you can do it without any downtime!
    First, you need to create a new account and move all content (files and databases).
    Next, you should ensure everything works smoothly (add line with your domain name at your hosts file)
    Next step is to change DNS to new hosting.
    And last one cancel old hosting account.

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