Visiting Chew Thean Yeang aquarium shop

Happened to be in Penang again for this weekend. So let’s check out a little about fish shop in Penang. I went to this Chew Thean Yeang (CTY) fish shop at Jalan Burma.

This shop is quite huge, 3 floors, all selling fishes, aquatic plants and aquarium related products.

First floor mainly selling fishes, and there’s section for other pet too.

Second floor selling aquarium related products – filter, test kits, air pump, fish food, lamp – to name a few.

And the third floor is dedicated for aquarium showroom. So many nicely decorated aquarium. Walk around a little to get an idea on how to design my next aquarium.

I also checking the price of aquarium chiller here. Damn. RM1000++. There’s RM750 one, but out of stock. Sign. This aquarium chiller / temperature of water in aquarium is the only thing that is still in the way between me and starting up my next aquarium project. It’s quite a lot of money to invest.

Anyhow, don’t want to come here for nothing. So I bougth the following water surface skimmer. Guess I better starts collecting the equipment needed for my next aquarium project.

Actually, I just recently read about this surface skimmer. If you have a low flow of water into the aquarium, organic film will build at the surface of water. This will give poor gas exchange at the surface of water, i.e. less oxygen dissolved in the water and less carbon dioxide released from the water. So, this surface skimmer will actually remove this from the surface of water.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s a real nice shop. Do they have a website where they show their fish?

  2. Imran says:

    Yes it is. I found that this shop is the nicest LFS that I ever visited in Malaysia. Too bad it’s in Penang that I can’t visit often. Really wish that they will open a branch in KL one day. About the website, I think they don’t have one.

  3. wanyusri says:

    not so cool… they only got e-mail..

  4. Anonymous says:

    isn’t KL got better LFS?

  5. MH says:

    Chew Tient Yang has two very rude staffs. If you asked them too many questions they will give some irrelevant answers with a angry face expression indicate you to stop asking.

    i) I just start to get an aquarium. My fish get sick, then I want to but some aquarium salt. Then I asked a staff named CKC, what is the different between two products that named as salt and sodium. Then the staff answer, ” can’t u read, salt means salt”. I wonder sodium is also another name of salt!!!
    ii) I have bought two spiny eels for RM 2.50. After a while I see a similar type of eels are sell as Rm1.80 perone, so I ask a staff with name STXXXX, what is different between these eel and the one with RM2.50. The staff answered in a very not patient manner, “can’t you see that one is the flower dark borwn and this is not.” Actuaaly he is the one who don’t understand my question but answer in a very rude manner!!
    iii) I choose two Ram Cichlids with Rm1.6 perone one and pass it to CKC to pack, he put there is Rm 2.80 perone. I told him that I am choosing from the tank with RM1.60 one. He answered,”I am telling u that this is RM2,80 one. If u want the Rm1.60 one, u choose again lor. I won’t let u have this pair.” So rude!!!

  6. priscilia says:

    i want complain your worker all is unfriendly so rude to other! and infront of counter 1 indian fat worker scold a custermer what a bullshit worker u hire? pls hire better worker not a rude worker !!

  7. priscilia says:

    your worker think we all can bully? huh ? what the fuck i never see a worker talking to custermer like this i know your shop is very famous already so u dont care it but nvm i will tell the whole world in fb or where about your worker !!!! i dont think want to buy your shop fish they are easy die….fk worker !!!

  8. megabigBLUR says:

    Btw seems like their website is finally up but it doesn't show up in Google Search results

    The selection is huge and it's just fun to look and walk around. However, some of the equipment seems a bit expensive. I thought I could buy some lamps cheaper than in Singapore but was surprised at how much they cost.

    Ditto what other people said about the rudeness. I went in there wearing a bicycle helmet once and walked around the shop with no problems (bicycle helmet doesn't cover your face unlike a motorbike helmet mah). Then on my way out I got scolded in Hokkien by some uncle. It took me a while to understand he was referring to my helmet cos I don't speak Hokkien and said so. Then he said "You don't speak, you listen to me lah!" *bingung* So I took off my helmet…and walked the remaining 4 metres out the door.

    Still like to go in to look around when I balik Penang though.

  9. Josh says:

    Yes, I agree CTY has very very rude and impatient workers, although it is a very big fish shop and has variety of fishes, but those rude workers just keep me away from supporting it, we really need to give our feedback through their websites.

  10. damon says:

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  11. Good thing to hear that it’s in pulau penang because I live there.

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