Rojak Tonggek

“Rojak Tonggek”. Rojak is a malay word that refers to the type of food, usually salads or fruits that are mixed together and taken with sauce. Tonggek on the other hand is the word that describes the act of making your butt looks pointy. How these 2 words relate shall be revealed when you read further.

Coming back from CTY, one of my friend suggested that we should go and eat “Rojak Tonggek”. He asked me whether I eat that before. I said nop, and I don’t even heard of it before. So there we go.

So we reached there. There are several booths there. Seem this place is known for Rojak Tonggek. But all I can see is just fruits on stick. To that point, I still can’t see the relationship between rojak and tonggek.

The price is 30 cents per stick.

This is my friend, taking a stick of pineapple, and dip it the sauce.

But before you can eat it, you have to lean your body forward, fearing the sauce will drop on your cloth. This forward leaning is actually make your butt looks pointy.

Ahhh… Now I know why it’s called “rojak tonggek”


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