CIRP : Renovation project almost completed

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

Got a call from my contractor today towards the end of my office hour that he needs to see me. Told him that I can be there at Casa Idaman around ‘6:30pm’ish , and he said that he can wait.

Got so many things in my head of why he needed to see me badly, where usually he’s gone at 5pm (the time that any construction work should stop). Hope that it’s not bad news or something bad happened.

Upon reaching Casa Idaman, and upon reaching my house, and upon opening the front door, I got speechless to see this.

It’s quite cute of my contractor to surprise me with the progress of the renovation work, which from yesterday, I see it far from completion.

After I received a briefing from him about what has been done and what left to be done, I started touring the house and admiring the transformation that this house has undergone.

These are the views from the master bedroom.

This is the guest bedroom.

This is my study room. The plaster ceiling here is a bit low due to the air conditioner piping that needs to pass through here, so the fan that I bought can’t be fit. Need to get the mini one. I hope to find a buyer for the KDK K14Y9 GY fan that I bought.

This is the hallway to the 4 room.

This is the kitchen (the tiling work still need to be done).

And this is the yard.

Remember the balcony lamp and eyeball lights that I bought last time? They are fitted to the ceiling too.

Kinda like the nature look of the balcony light. Hope this will blend well with the mini fountain that I plan to put here.

And remember about the ZENcelo Full-Flat Switch that I bought last time also? They are alse have been fitted.

Talking about mini fountain at balcony, it also needs electricity supply for water pump, water filter and submersible lamp. So in my wiring plan last time, I did include an additional power point at balcony to be put here. But since this area is exposed to rain, I need to get a weatherproof outdoor power socket.

So welcome to my new house – my Casa Idaman. Well, not just yet. Still need to clean it up first, and the painting work will come after that. At first I just want to use the original colour of the paint, and patch the wall area that has been hacked.

But there are so many area to be repainted, where I might as well just repaint the whole house. At the moment, I’m kinda having a headache of what colour to choose to paint my house.

So until then, this house will definitely welcome you as a guest.

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  1. farhan yusof says:

    try visit deko eric,konsep wallpaper dinding dia lawa..maybe nanti dapat idea untuk warne

  2. ctshah says:

    wow!cantiknyer ur plaster first nak wat camtu,tapi budget tak cukup.maybe later next year kut) @ tak buat langsung.kitorg pun tgh survey wallpaper.nnti kalau u dh dpt supplier yg harga dia ok,affordable,silalah war2kan kat sini ek.:-)

    • Imran says:

      thanks ctshah. boleh buat gak tu nanti ๐Ÿ™‚

      anyway, tak plan nak pasang wallpaper. hanya nak cat je. tapi pening nak fikir theme warna utk setiap bilik. huhu

  3. Jijan says:

    waahh. cantik rumah nya… tu belum siap.. kalau dah siap lagi cantik.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. fizz says:

    nice.. cun giler lah… ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. dak^penang says:

    aircon tu yg tak tahan tu..macam opis plak..

    • Imran says:

      kos dia lebih kurang sama je ngan ambil 2 bijik aircond 1HP yg letak kat dinding. Alang2 dah buat plaster ceiling, lehlah letak cassette aircond. huhu

  6. Anifยฎ says:

    Alhamdulillah.. Sudah hampir siap ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ms Sim says:

    hi… finally i found 1 blogger that blog about casa idaman renovation works.. Myself is a casa idaman owner in block A. is it possible for you to tell me how much renovation cost that you have spend on installation of kitchen cabinet+plaster ceiling? I am still working to find the best reno company for my house.. but my house is smaller, only 1007sqf only….

  8. Ms Sim says:

    thank you! waiting for your reply.. between , you stay in block A or block B?

  9. Zamz says:

    Hi..nice work..nk letak like byk kt plaster syiling ni ;D simple with modern look..kami tgh survey utk dapatkan quotation plaster syiling, is it possible..if u can share with us too ;D

  10. ongkey says:

    nice reno…..and good blogging on ur renovation project…..

    may i know whr u purchase the weather proof outdoor socket??

  11. Imran says:

    the fan installation is included in my wiring quotation. my contractor just give a lump sum amount. not sure how much just for fan installation.

    as I bought new air conditioner, the installation is included already as well.

  12. Shikin says:

    Hi Imran…

    Boleh kasi i contact no for PC and wiring…I tengah cari ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  13. Yati says:

    hi, have been reading your blog to get some ideas what to do with my house. i'm actually one of the owner in block a (well, have not move in yet, will do soon). btw ur house look great.

  14. Linda says:

    Hi Imranโ€ฆ

    Boleh kasi i contact no for wiringโ€ฆ TQ ya!

  15. zara says:

    saya baru beli satu unit kat sini juga…tgh pikir nak renovate and found your blog that very helpful…bolehka saya nak dapatkan no contact contractor awak ni…terima kasih

  16. Hyzal says:

    Salam Imran,

    Nice blog.
    Boleh share contact no contractor utk plaster ceiling tu? Seems he has done good job at your Casa Idaman.

    Thank you in advance

  17. azreen says:

    hi, do you mind sending me details of the contractor who did your house. nice work.

  18. Khyriel says:

    nice job…very nice house..

    • Imran says:

      hehe. tnx bro. anyway, tu je yg termampu buat sekarang. byk lagi benda yg tak siap. dapur pun belum buat lagi. nak kena kumpul duit balik

  19. Salina says:

    Salam Imran..I baru nampak blog u, wow cantiknya rumah u so boleh bagi info ur contractor tak?

  20. Kelvin says:

    Salam imran, read your whole blog on cirp. Good job indeed! Can email me the contractor contact?

  21. mimi says:

    Hi…nice plaster ceiling….can share the info on plaster ceiling contractor and total cost spend for that…thanks

  22. nazreen says:

    Hi..can email me your contractor contact? Having headache looking for a good one..thanks..

  23. nabilah says:

    Salam en imran..bleh x nk dptkn ur contractor contact?tq..

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