Getting “fishy” at Pasar Pudu


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  1. Raden Putra says:

    i luv fishes, actually i luv most animals. once, i took care of a bat who broke his wings crashing into the ceiling fan. i’v no idea what to feed it. i gave it guava juice for about a week and let it go, hope he’s alive tho. hehe. and i was told there’re 2types of plecos? the shop i went to call the black one ‘dbkl malas’, and the red one ‘ikan dbkl rajin’ coz it’s more active. well, it’ll be another year before i start keeping fishes again. will be watching ur progress, dude… tummy and all…

  2. DemonOnion says:

    about a CO2 canister, perhaps u could get a CO2 tank, with the needle valve. this setup would cost around RM300, and would last up to a year. What do you think?

  3. Imran says:

    Hi DemonOnion. Thanks for the suggestion. CO2 is something that I haven’t tried using, and would love to use one, well at least until i have my planted aquarium set up.

  4. Adrian Quah says:

    Hey found ur blog, while searching for aquarium. I am gonna start a FOWLR marine aquarium soon. Does the Jln Pasar Aquarium sell cheap marine fish too? Funny to think that I have never did proper water change, live stock acclimation procedures when I was a kid in this hobby, tnx to the interent! Adrian Quah

    • Imran says:

      hey Adrian. quite suprised to see you here πŸ™‚
      I haven't been to pasar pudu for so long. but from last time, they only sell fishes and equipments for fresh water aquarium here. for marine aquarium, i suggest you to go to Aqua East. Mid Valley got one, and Ikano Power Center also got one.

  5. aiman says:

    nak tanya kedai ni landmark dia area mana? klo dah tau senang saya nak terus ke kedai ni.thanks for sharing

  6. Pred says:

    Jebo canister filter just aint worth it .. cheap but for some months its leaking and leakage is not new for JEBO .
    You save money by investing in Fluval or Marineland it last years and years. ..

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