Getting “fishy” at Pasar Pudu

Got up quite early today. Reason being, I want to go to Pasar Pudu. For those who don’t know, Jalan Pasar Pudu is known for its many shops selling electronic goods and components. And you can also find people selling sex enhancement products there (ehemmm). Well, that’s not the reason I went there. My aims today are

  • Survey the price for a new aquarium
  • Buy new fish for my aquarium
  • Survey the price of the speaker for my karaoke amplifier system (will blog this at later date once I got it)

Yes, I’m too passionate with my new hobby now. I think it is the time already for me to set up a new aquarium – a bigger new aquarium.

Suprisingly, there is one road there packed with people selling fishes, and fish / aquarium related products. So if you like to take downtown street kind of shopping (rather than strolling a very well organized and air conditioned pet outlets in shopping mall), this is the place to come.

One major things that you will immediately notice – the price is bloody cheap here. I got fascinated with an array of colourful fishes being displayed here.

And if you are looking at aquarium related products – filter, filter media, powerhead, air bubble, you name what – you can also find them here, and again, at the price way cheaper than those high class shops.

See that Jebo 838 external filter? The “amoi” there can give that for RM100. Interesting. This kind of external canister filter having of price tag of RM200 and above in the normal shops that I went before. I will be using that for my new aquarium. What nice about it is that it has 4 layers of filtration in it.

With plants inside my aquarium, I have regulated the light to turn on and off in 6 hours interval. With that much lights and nitrits from nitrification process, algea blooms rather rapidly in my aquarium. Every 2 days I have to scrape to algea from the aquarium glass.

Heard that what we called “Ikan Bandaraya” is a good choice for helping you with the chores. I’m going to get 2 for my aquarium. Don’t want to get too much as I will overload the biological filter of my aquarium.

But wait. Can I mix it with the existing fishes? Well, the book that I bought last week come to rescue.

Let see what we have here.

Good! Very good indeed. Ease of keeping is 1 – meaning it’s very easy to keep this fish. And it is safe with small fish (well, I have small guppies and small neon tetras). It is also algae-eating herbivore. Prefect. Prett neat huh!

Anyway, after strolling around, I’m rather a bit dissapointed that I couldn’t find any aquarium that interest me. All has a basic look. Guess I’ll pay a visit to The Pet Safari at Ikano Power Centre after this. They have quite a decent choices of aquarium there. Well, didn’t I tell you that I’m very picky?

Got back home, acclimate the fish that I just bought.

It’s time to go to The Pet Safari at Ikano Power Centre.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. Raden Putra says:

    i luv fishes, actually i luv most animals. once, i took care of a bat who broke his wings crashing into the ceiling fan. i’v no idea what to feed it. i gave it guava juice for about a week and let it go, hope he’s alive tho. hehe. and i was told there’re 2types of plecos? the shop i went to call the black one ‘dbkl malas’, and the red one ‘ikan dbkl rajin’ coz it’s more active. well, it’ll be another year before i start keeping fishes again. will be watching ur progress, dude… tummy and all…

  2. DemonOnion says:

    about a CO2 canister, perhaps u could get a CO2 tank, with the needle valve. this setup would cost around RM300, and would last up to a year. What do you think?

  3. Imran says:

    Hi DemonOnion. Thanks for the suggestion. CO2 is something that I haven’t tried using, and would love to use one, well at least until i have my planted aquarium set up.

  4. Adrian Quah says:

    Hey found ur blog, while searching for aquarium. I am gonna start a FOWLR marine aquarium soon. Does the Jln Pasar Aquarium sell cheap marine fish too? Funny to think that I have never did proper water change, live stock acclimation procedures when I was a kid in this hobby, tnx to the interent! Adrian Quah

    • Imran says:

      hey Adrian. quite suprised to see you here πŸ™‚
      I haven't been to pasar pudu for so long. but from last time, they only sell fishes and equipments for fresh water aquarium here. for marine aquarium, i suggest you to go to Aqua East. Mid Valley got one, and Ikano Power Center also got one.

  5. aiman says:

    nak tanya kedai ni landmark dia area mana? klo dah tau senang saya nak terus ke kedai ni.thanks for sharing

  6. Pred says:

    Jebo canister filter just aint worth it .. cheap but for some months its leaking and leakage is not new for JEBO .
    You save money by investing in Fluval or Marineland it last years and years. ..

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