Visiting The Pet Safari – again

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Right after I left the back containing “ikan bandaraya” in the aquarium to acclimate it, went to Ikano Power Centre after that.

Don’t really bother to go to the nearby Ikea or any other place, I went straight to The Pet Safari once I reached there.

Oh my. This gorgeous saltwater aquarium always greet me every time I stepped my foot in front of the shop. But saltwater aquarium is something really last that I will try. I just don’t feel myself that equipped yet to go for saltware aquarium project, and cost is just another issue.

Anyhow, browse through aquarium tanks that they have on display there.

And this is what I’m talking about. Nicely built aquarium, with nice hood, and matching cabinet to put it on. I have decided, this is the one that I will get. After a brief talk to the salesperson on what included with the package, if there is any discount, yet. I am determined to get this, well, not for today I suppose, but during my next salary pay.

I like the idea of having a well planted aquarium, and as a matter of fact, that is what I’m going to do with my new aquarium, and that explains why I’m getting that second book in this entry. These 2 photos that I took at the shop really inspires me.

Creating a planted aquarium means you need an additional things to use. So, guess it’s time also to do a little survey of the availability of the “things”, and also some price checking.

The first thing is plant itself. So far, I found out only this place that has variety of freshwater plants to choose from.

Next, is the substrate. They have this soil base substrate. I ask the person there, can I use sand. They said can, and the plants can grow too. But it is just a matter of aesthetic value. Plants planted in sand? Not that very nice look. But the bad thing is, soil costs 3 times more than sand. Gulp!!

Next, you need plenty of light. The tank that I choose comes with 2 tubes lightning system. That what is needed by well planted aquarium.

And next, is CO2 fertilizer. The water surface of the aquarium is not big compared to open pond/lake/river. The water may lack of carbon dioxide gas, which makes the plants cannot do the photosynthesis process. They are also selling this, and a bottle can last up to 1 month.

And we also need diffuser to difuse carbon dioxide gas in.

Did a little calculation in my head, mmm.. yeap.. next salary…


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4 Responses

  1. Fizz Hazrai says:

    kalau tengok pada gambar .. tanpa ikan pun.. aqua tuh dah cukup cantik..

  2. Malique says:

    Imran, panduan yg awok berikan amat berguna…

    teruskan entry pasal hobi membela ikan sebab saya juga suka membela ikan terutama anak ikan… kekekeke.. maksud saya, anak ikan guppy… awok ingat bela apa heh?

  3. YatT'S says:

    first time singgah sini tu pun dak penang bagi tau..
    cantik cantik gambo aquarium tuh..
    saya ngan housemate pun baru bejinak jinak ngan aquarium nih..

  4. Imran says:

    fizz: tulah. terpesona plak saya duk tgk hari tumalique: hehehe.. benda2 tu pun baca dari buku je. so rasa cam nak share kat blog. tu yang tulisyatt: w'salam. selamat dtg ke blog nih. oh.. minat bela ikan gak ke. hhmm.. saya pun dah cam ketagih dah ni

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