CIRP : Plaster ceiling work progress

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

It has become a routine for me, that after office hour of each day, I shall stop by at my new house to see how everything is progressing, and at the same time doing the quality check of the work done.

I’m very happy and satisfied with the plaster ceiling work so far. The workmanship is very neat, and the precision is there. This is how my plaster ceiling in living hall looks like from front door overlooking to balcony.

And this is from the opposite way – from balcony overlooking front door. L-Box is done, just waiting for T5 fittings.

This is the one at hallway. Man hole is put here for the air conditioner water pump servicing. I’m placing all the air conditioner compressors at yard area, just to free up balcony area. But the water piping is quite impossible unless I place the pipe outlet balcony, which I want to avoid. So the solution is to install water pump, and bring the water to the pipe outlet in common bathroom.

Didn’t have change to take the photo for all the 4 rooms, but the last one here is where my cassette air conditioner will be placed.

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