CIRP : Buying T5 fluorescent lamps

CIRP : Casa Idaman Renovation Project

This will be the final purchase that I’m doing for my house renovation – buying T5 fluorescent lamps to be used in the L-Box of the ceiling. The purchase of this is left to be last since the wireman needs to look at how the final L-Box will look like, and then only he can tell on the length of T5 tubes to get, and how many.

Turned out that T5 is actually the designation is used to classify the diameter of the fluorescent lamp. And as always, I’m introduced to so many jargons, and in the case of T5 lamps, you can either get the 2 wires one or the 3 wires one. Obviously the later one is more expensive.

The chosen shop for today’s purchase is Y.T. Lighting Trading since they offered the cheapest compared to the other neighboring shops.

And here you go, the goods from today’s final shopping for house renovation,

19 x 4-feet T5 fluorescent lamps and 11 x 3-feet T5 fluorescent lamps. I’m getting the 3-wire one as requested by my con.

The content of the box is very minimal. The lamp tube itself and the power cord. The lamp really looks like the mini version of the fluorescent lamp that you usually use.

But T5 got a very special connect at both ends, where you can link up to 5 lamps together.

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9 Responses

  1. farhan yusof says:

    panjang tu.. boleh sambung 5 lampu sekali..

  2. ctshah says:

    ada pakcik kontraktor kat blok A buat plaster ceiling murah sgt.dlm 3k utk hall,dining dan kitchen dan laluan nak masuk rumah.dia siap bagi lampu lagi,kita takyah susah2 beli.dh tgk dah show house dia?kat A-8-5.

  3. Zarl says:

    T5 berapa harga 1 pc ya? Ingatkan kontraktor belikan.. Rupanya kena beli sendiri..

    • Imran says:

      not quite remember dah harga dia. kena carik balik resit. actually, kalau nak suruh kontraktor tolong beli pun boleh. tapi my contractor suruh beli sendiri. at least kita puas hati pusing2 cari the cheapest. also T5 ada byk warna. putih, kuning, biru. so kita beli ikut citarasa kita.

  4. Ijat says:

    Imran..blh tau x lampu t5 yg pasang kt lbox tu kaler apa yer? Kejap tgk mcm putih kejap nmpk plan nk pakai t5 kaler kuning tp cnak terlalu kuning sgt..tgk lbox bro bkenan kaler kdg2 nmpk kuning sgt pulak..adakah sbb reflection dr camera? Huhu

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