CIRP : Covering balcony railings

CIRP : Casa Idaman Renovation Project

I have 4 cats that like to chase each other in the house. Unless I want to see my cats are doing the Olympic’s 10m platform diving, I have to do something with the balcony.

The gap between the railings of my balcony is rather big, and even the biggest Oyen can easily slit through the gap. So the idea is to seal those gaps.

Been reading from Casa Idaman Facebook page that someone has installed Marklon Polyglass Polycarbonate Solid Sheet at the balcony. This is how the product looksl like.

The installation begins. The side with the white protective cover is the side that should face sun.

Then the polyglass sheet is just simply being screwed to the balcony railings.

Here is the finished product. It’s so clear that I can hardly see that there is polyglass sheet covered the whole balcony railing’s surface. And I do really hope that it stays this clear for long.

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