CIRP : Carpeting the study room

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

Was wandering around my new neighborhood, just to get to know the area better, and I came across “Kawasan Perindustrian Batu Caves”. This area has several shops that are related to house renovation, and the one that catches my eye is this one.

My study room is one of the area that I pay more attenting in my renovation plan. This will be the area that I will be spending most of the time in when I’m home. I’m not really a tv couch person. I hardly watch TV at home. But I can spend hours, even the whole day in front of computer.

I decided to install carpet at my study room, just to give it a little “office” feel. The carpet installer comes with a very little equipments also. Carpet, glue, skirting and a bag of tools.

The installation begins. That red-handle tool is actually used to move the carpet around when it’s already been place on the floor.

40 minutes later, this is the final result. Really love the cosy and warm feel that this carpet gives to my study room.

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