My FarmVille Helper: Alpha Personal Use

After almost 1 week I’ve been playing with FarmVille, I quickly realize that things can get really messy especially remembering when to harvest. Since each crops has different lifetime before it can be harvested, it ended up us having to manage several mini sessions of plowing and seeding, and having to keep checking so that the fully grown crops are not wilted, especially those that are having short lifetime.

In the game, when you hover the mouse on the crop, you will see the percentage of the grow progress displayed. But it doesn’t tell you on how long it will take before the crop is fully grown.

The formula to calculate the percentage of the Grow Progress can be derived as follows.

And to work out the time when the crop will be fully grown (i.e. End Time), the following formula can be used.

But often, we lost track of when that particular crop was first being planted (i.e. Start Time). Since we know the progress, lets rearrange the Grow Progress formula like so.

Now, lets substitute the Start Time in End Time formula with this, and I will have the following.

With this, now I can calculate the estimated time when my crop will be fully grown by time cost that it required for the crop to fully grown, the progress of grow and the current time when I’m looking at the progress.

Even though it’s workable, but this kind of chores easily tire me up. The problem with me is, when I’m addicted to something, I started to have an obsession with it if things are not efficient. It would be great if someone out there created a program that allows us to manage this. After looking for a while, I didn’t come across anything like it. So why not created one myself? Hhmm.. Sound like a good idea πŸ˜€

So introducing, My FarmVille Helper. This is just a simple web application that I created using PHP and host it on my hosting account. The way that it works is, every time I start doing a new planting in FarmVille, I will record that session of what seed that I plant, and the date and time that I start the planting.

And I can track all of my planting sessions at this summary page. It will show the info of my crop plantations

  • What kind of seed
  • Date and time that I start planting
  • Time cost for the crop to fully grown
  • The date and time when the crop will be fully grown
  • The remaining time before the crop will be fully grown
  • The percentage progress (this will be the same as what shown in FarmVille)
  • The remaining time before the crop wilts (after it fully grown)

The UI is still shabby at the moment, but it does what it suppose to do. That’s what I call getting organized πŸ˜‰

FarmVille Helper has already been released to public

Register one here


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

22 Responses

  1. Imran, nak farm helper tu!! Lagi satu, camner imran dapat tweet yang imran punya tu? buat sendiri ke? nak coding..huhuh..kalau tak menjadi masalahla..Imran…imran nilah..bila imran dah main game..hehe…

    • Imran says:

      insyaallah saya akan bukak farmville helper tu utk public gak (klu ada yg interested nak pakai). buat masa ni, still too shabby. rasa tak sesuai lagi utk direlease. huhu. pasal tweet tu, saya buat sendiri coding dia. tapi dia hanya boleh run klu server support PHP. kat blogspot takleh run. hanya leh run kat self hosted blog je.

  2. Ema says:

    wow… what a nice app, imran. soon, it will be hit… i'm not into farmville, but it's kinda inspiring… ingat nak wat app utk castle age jugak la… asyik kene eliminate jek…

  3. Imran says:

    takdelah ema. utk kegunaan sendiri je. tapi kalau ada yg nak pakai tu, lehlah bukak 2 3 accounts kat org lain. oh castle age ek. facebook app gak ke? nanti nak try check out lah game tu

  4. fasafa says:

    where 2 dwnload?

  5. aidilx says:

    wow! such a creative thinking.. utk farm town xda ke? kalu dah master programming, wat apo pun menjadi. congrats bro!

  6. narn says:

    hi mr. imran. any guides or URLs for me to check on creating similar PHP/facebook apps? eid mubarak to you & your family

    • Imran says:

      hi narn. i use Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 for programming this. Dreamweaver supports PHP very well that it has tools to easily create database driven web application. Perhaps you want to look for Adobe Dreamweaver ebook.

  7. aullea says:

    salam imran. tgh carik tips psl farmville boleh termasuk ke blog u. and find out ur app mmg berguna sekali. bila nk open for public?

    how to add u for FV?

    • Imran says:

      hi aullea. sekarang ni tgh duk buat coding nih utk lawakan sket application ni. lepas tu baru confident nak open for public. hehe. maybe dalam masa seminggu dua lagi kut sebelum open for public

  8. aullea says:

    ok pls info me kalau sudi share kan app tu. rite now pun i terpaksa organize time tgk kebun FV.

    skrg u dah level brape?

    kalau nk be my neighbour,add kat,ok. TQ

  9. Alika says:

    where to get the program?

  10. Alika says:

    can you give examples for the formula u used with actual times.. it is really confusing.
    Thank you

    • Imran says:

      1 day is calculated as 23 hours in FarmVille. Meaning if the time cost is 2 days, it will take 46 hours in actual time (instead of 48 hours). Anything less than a day, actual time cost is the same.

      When doing calculation, I convert all the time to unix timestamp (i.e. in seconds). The formula that I have in this post is to calculate the end time of we don't remember when we first start planting.

      But if the start time is known, the formula is simply

      Time finish = Start Time + Time Cost

  11. marts says:

    Imre, u r genius and rajin too. Marts main BarnBuddy je sebab boleh curik2 tanaman orang. FarmVille tak jenguk lagi. πŸ˜€

  12. Zoran says:

    where to download MY FARMVILE HELPER

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