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Upgrading my Playstation 4 HDD to 1TB

One of the selling point of PS4 is how easy it is to upgrade the hard disk and the process doesn’t void the warranty. It is also officially supported by Sony, and there is...


Diablo III

Decided to buy Diablo III after playing the free starter edition. Was looking for it since last week, but it seems that all of the shops that I went needs restock. I’ve never been...


Final Fantasy XIII

Since I first played Final Fantasy VII game back in my university days (that was 13 years ago), RPG game has been always my preferred genre when shopping for games to play. And from...


God Of War III

I can’t believe that I have finally have gone legal with my gaming. Behold, the very first original game that I ever bought – a second hand God Of War III game. Well, owning...


PlayStation Move Start The Party Bundle

Since the day that I almost buy a Kinect for my late Xbox 360, playing and controlling game with motion still fascinates me. Since I own PS3 now, so lets PS3 way of implementing...


My New PlayStation 3

Damn. I totally forgot that I have a blog. Well, it’s been a while since I last stop by at Low Yat Plaza, and I went there today with a very big mission. It...


120GB HDD for my Xbox 360

The newly bought Xbox 360 starts milking money from me. With Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live, you have a vast options of downloading game trailers, and even game demo, but each download can...


Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

With my new PC is capable of running latest GPU-hunger games, I’ve been trying quite a number of games that I can’t even play on my old PC. One thing that interest is is...


PSP Slim & Lite – Yet another new toy

Latest addition to my toys. This is really unplanned. I passed by one of the shop selling PSP, and kinda wondering how much new PSP costs now. I’m suprised that it is quite cheap...


Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy XII is out, and I have had myself a copy already. For the past 5 Final Fantasy series (starting from Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy IX to...


Final Fantasy XII

I’m drooling now Can’t wait for this to be out. It’s going to be hours and hours of fun again.


Spartan: Total Warrior™

SEGASpartan: Total Warrior™ Platform: PlayStation 2; Xbox; GameCubeCategory: Action/StrategyDeveloper: The Creative Assembly (a SEGA development studio)Release: Fall 2005 The first console title from The Creative Assembly, the developer of the million-unit selling Total War...