Final Fantasy XIII

Since I first played Final Fantasy VII game back in my university days (that was 13 years ago), RPG game has been always my preferred genre when shopping for games to play. And from FF7, I don’t miss any single Final Fantasy series (except Final Fantasy XI since it’s the online one).

Even though Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out, I really want to finish the XIII one first. And the price being pretty cheap now, where I can find a brand new sealed one sold at RM75 at So on Monday, I placed an order, and the seller replied that the stock is available, and it will be shipped the same day, meaning I will be getting it the next day.

But yesterday, it’s quite unfortunate that during lunch time, I’m having a temperature, and can’t really stay any longer at office, and called for sick leave. I was really hoping that the delivery was made before lunch, but the good was delivered at 2:49pm, an hour an 49 mins after I left office.

So today, I’m still not feeling well, and decided to visit a doctor, so I called for sick leave again. But before heading to the clinic, I paid office a visit first and take the parcel that I’ve been waiting since yesterday.

Here you go. Final Fantasy XIII R1 PS3 game, brand new and sealed. Just can’t wait to pop this into my PS3 once I’m home after seeing the doctor.


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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    Last game Final Fantasy yang main VIII dan XI tapi zaman ps one lah.. still ada cd tu lg..seronok layan.. tapi kena sabar nak naikkan level,hehehe kalo x sabar guna gameshark.. 🙂

    • Imran says:

      time levelling up tu yg best. huhu. tapi yg baru ni tak yah levelling up dah. just go with flow. character akan jadik power as the story progress. hhmm

  2. Prince Noob says:

    seriously final fantasy 7 is one of the greatest rpg game in history… other one is chrono trigger

  3. radenputra says:

    halfway thru game ni, beli 2nd hand ni di ecurve. my short komen :-
    pro: grafik lawa, gameplay typical ff
    con: ‘linearity’ (tak mcm ff dulu2 boleh buat apa2 di mana2 aja, yg ni kena follow storyline n path dia, so kalu stuck mana2 takleh buat apa2, kena cuba settlekan juga, so agak frustrating bila tak lepas level)

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