Casa Idaman renovation costing


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  1. Anif® says:

    🙂 Seram sejuk tengok angka tu…

  2. ctshah says:


  3. Hafiz says:


    Boleh bagi contact number contractor yang renovate rumah you?

    Utk wiring sape buat? same contractor? painting? tile? plaster ceiling.

    Terima kasih

  4. Farhana says:

    Salam, can i get your contractor’s handphone no? Workmanship nampak macam neat. Thank you

  5. m_redz says:

    Boleh bagi contact contractor plaster ceiling?

  6. hatta says:

    e-mail sy contractor2 yg terlibat yg wat sume ni… and inform sy total kos sampingan cam all the down light, fan sume la. just roughly pun xpe. thanks.

  7. hatta says:

    send to my e-mail plz…

  8. Anis says:

    can u emel this worksheet.tq..

  9. Khyriel says:

    salam, windows tinted tu for all windows available dengan sliding door ke harga tuh?

    • Imran says:

      ha ah.. kos tu utk sliding door ngan tingkap kesemua 4 bilik (total of 11 panes). pastu saya pilih tinted yg blok 85% heat (katanya). hehe

  10. Hi Imran,
    Mind to share the plaster ceiling and wiring contractor’s contact details?

  11. Nandang Abdul Rahman says:

    Hi Imran …

    Would you mind sharing the contact for the contractor that you used for your unit renovation? I’m moving in to CI this coming year and would like to start to get quotations for renovations before I move in. Thanks!

  12. soulfly says:

    Hi ,

    can i get the contrator number..

  13. Daniel says:


    Could u please email me the contractor/company to do the plaster ceiling for you? I’m looking for reasonable price contractor to do the plaster ceiling for my new home.. Appreciate that u can recommend me.

    Thx thx


  14. Farah says:


    Mind to share the plaster ceiling and wiring contractor’s contact details?

    Thank you 🙂

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