120GB HDD for my Xbox 360

The newly bought Xbox 360 starts milking money from me. With Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live, you have a vast options of downloading game trailers, and even game demo, but each download can easily cost you almost 1GB of storage space. The 512MB built in memory is good for storing profiles and game saves, but obviously not enough for such thing as downloading other stuffs from Xbox Live.

Searched lelong.com.my again and found this 120GB hard disk for Xbox 360.

It’s not the official Microsoft product,

but hey, it looks good on my Xbox 360.

With hard disk this big, I can even install the Xbox game to it, and run the game from the hard disk. Man. I love that. No more roaring sound from the spinning disc, and the load time of the game, especially when you transit from scene to scene is very fast.


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