Astro will go HD


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  1. Ameeyn says:

    mesti harga pakej naik gila..

  2. Ameeyn says:

    we will need new decoder and dish to receive Hd content from astro..the decoder above is still the standard one

  3. akubeejays says:

    just registered.. the new package has a confirmed RM20 ringgit addition to your monthly bill and supports only 5 channel. The promoter said 2 important things to me.. eventhough the new package will not have full HD support (even the channels it will support won't be ALL hd.. only certain matches on espn ext) BUT it will deliver a noticable improvement to the existing channels.

    The HD channels will experience an hour delay.

    The decoder it self will be free but has a 50K first phase cap. so if you really want to try this.. your should call astro today! I'm not a n astro fanboy, but seeing its the only "cable" we got at the moment, i've decided to give this a try..

    Oh one more thing.. it comes with a 12 month contract!

  4. shahphd says:

    Boleh sambung laptop tak ke usb port tu?

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