Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

With my new PC is capable of running latest GPU-hunger games, I’ve been trying quite a number of games that I can’t even play on my old PC. One thing that interest is is that, when I install Prince Of Persia game, there is this screen that’s detecting whether I have game controller installed on my machine or not. Then another crazy idea came up – I want to get game controller for my PC too.

The one that interests me is this Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows. The wired one is sold at RM149, and the wireless one is at RM199. Being a fan of wireless, of course I go for the later.

Not having enough money in my wallet today, I just decided to use credit card. Furthermore it is just 2% administrative charge for Visa Credit Card, which is RM3.98 for the RM199 controller.

So I sign the credit card slip, and walk out of the store. Only a few steps away from the door of the store, I can’t help to look at the new controller that I bought, which I happened take a glance at the receipt first. Then I got a little bit confuse.

The receipt says that the total is RM121. But the controller itself is RM199? Realizing that the cashier has punched in by mistake, the following 2 options keeps juggling in my head – the thing that I should do.

  • I should go back to the cashier tell him/her that he/she has punched the price wrongly
  • Quickly walk away from the store. The cashier might notice the mistake, and if I’m still around, he/she will definately come chasing after me.

So which option that I really choose? I leave that for you to guess 😉

So what PC games that are compatible with the Xbox 360 contoller? Luckily there’s this page has a comprehensive list of PC games which support the Xbox 360 controller without special drivers or configuration. Great! Prince of Persia and Fallout 3 are in the list.

OK. I’m off for some game playing now.


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7 Responses

  1. yazid says:

    Go for option 2, larian 100m!

  2. Masy says:

    patah balik kot 🙂

  3. amirahsyuhada says:

    instinct 1st saya mengatakan imran patah balik..huhuh. Imran tak main The Sim 2? huhuh

  4. Chikos says:

    imran main game gear of wars lol..dmc 4 ke sedap ade controller tuh lol

  5. Imran says:

    yazid + masy + amirah: hari tu sebenarnya ikut experience masa membuat pembelian. cashier tu grumpy nak mampus. muka masa mencuka, pastu buat keje sambil lewa je. at last, buat option yg macam yazid cakap tu. masa tu jalan laju. tak toleh belakang dah. sengaja carik area2 yg ramai org supaya i lost in the crowd. muahaha

    amirah: ada penah try. tapi main game Sims nih letih arr. byk benda nak kena jaga. bila lapar, kena pegi makan, bila ngantuk kena tido etc etc. i’m quite bad bila kena pay attention to a very fine details

    chikos: tgh mengdownload beberapa games neh. cik torrent kita lembab arr. game zaman2 sekarang ni klu tak 7GB in size tak sah. adei…

  6. gatchan says:

    hahaha kalu saya, sri computers tu saya lari je… ade bad experience ngan kedai tu…, hihihi…, kalu you imran, no comment…

    ok tak prince of persia? saya main Diablo ii balik… tgh tunggu Diablo iii…

  7. Imran says:

    hhhmm ema. bad experience cam ner tu? citerlah sket. anyway, saya hari tu pun lari gak. sekali sekala jadik jahat. muahaha..

    prince of persia tu best gak.. graphics dia cun

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