Oyen’s foot injury

Just before I went to Bulgaria last Sunday, I noticed that Oyen didn’t walk properly. From looking at his paw, I can see there’s some sort of cut, and I thought it is just a normal cut that will heal in a day or two.

But coming back from Bulgaria, it seems that it’s getting worse. Oyen can’t even put his front left foot on the floor. From looking at the paw, the cut seems healed already, but every time I touch there, Oyen quickly retracts his paw. It must be painful. Poor Oyen has to bare the pain for almost 1 week. I feel so guilty about it.

So went to visit my usual vet today – Anicare at Wangsa Maju.

Oyen waiting patiently in the cage as there are 2 cats already there before him.

So it’s Oyen time. After inspection, his pain is due to something injured him, maybe during his usual scratching, and the thing broken and left inside his paw’s meet. Doctor tried to pull it out using tweezers, but I guess it must be really painful that Oyen starts hissing madly.

There’s no other way around it than to give anesthesia to Oyen. 5 minutes after injection, Oyen flat out. The main part of removing the debris from the meat of Oyen’s paw I was not looking. But the doctor said, after it has been removed, she can still feel something inside the meet, and has to bury the tweezers deep inside the meat. And another piece of debris is taken out. I can imagine that cannot be done at all if Oyen all awake.

Oyen may look all awake below, but he is actually unconsciousness already. It’s quite scary to see him dead-alike like that.

But it’s kinda a mystery of what the thing that got into Oyen paw. It doesn’t look like wood at all. It’s kinda soft like plastic. Also, I can’t really see where Oyen would get that.

After a thorough inspection, the doctor said that it is unsafe to bring him back in his condition now. She suggested that I left Oyen there, and pick back later today. So Oyen being moved to a big cage, as when he’s awake, he will be so stressed from the anesthesia process. The big space should give him enought room to calm down. At this time, he is waking up a little. It’s quite a relieve to see that he starts licking his mouth already. But his body is still paralyzed.

4:30pm, went to pick up Oyen. Oh, didn’t I tell you that I’m on leave today? As expected, anesthesia costs the most. As usual, a little reading that I did on Internet reveals that anesthesia can only be done by certified vet. It’s also quite a risky process, and mishandling it might cause the life of the cat. I guess it costs more for the price of the skills of doing this.

But the after effect of anesthesia is something that I can’t bare looking. Once I got home, Oyen is so wobbly. He can’t stop shaking his head, can’t really walk properly and all of his senses are all over the place. But the doctor told me that it is normal and will normally worn out completely in 24 – 36 hours. After 3 hours in that condition, he’s finally fall asleep (and still sleeping while I’m writing this). Hope that he feels better once he’s awake.


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7 Responses

  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    kesian plak kat oyen….

  2. marts says:

    Imre, teringat masa Tot kena castrate dulu. Sehari semalam dia tak sedar apa dan mamai sepanjang masa. Macam kucing mabuk.

    Sian kat Oyen. Marts boleh imagine bila dia sedar nanti macam mana keadaan dia dengan pelali still ada dalam badan dia.

    Updates us on him ok.

  3. Chikos says:

    herm kesian…hopefully oyen besok oyen makin sembuh

  4. Imran says:

    amirah + chikos: tulah. ambik EL hari ni nak jaga dia. kaki dia tu sebab dulu asyik duk jilat, kulit dah tertanggal pastu melecet sket. jalan still jengket2 lagi

    marts: time oyen castrate dulu, memang boarding kat klinik tu suruh doktor jaga. takut nak wat balik rumah time tu. doktor cakap semlm dia kasik sket je anesthetic, just utk biarkan oyen tertido kejap.

  5. dak^penang says:

    keciannya Oyen….

  6. Fizz says:

    keciannye oyen… hopefully cepat sembuh…

    btw.. imran nak ambil kucing lagik tak.. jiran fizz ada 4 ekor anak kucing.. 2 dah di ambil so tinggal lagi 2..

  7. Imran says:

    Thanks all for the concerns. Oyen dah sihat sekarang dah. Glad to see that he’s bacl to being himself 😉

    Fizz: oh ye ke. tapi rasanya dah tak larat dah nak tambah bilangan kucing kat rumah ni. hehe

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