My New PC VI

Before I pack up my semi naked new PC, and get my computer table organized again, there is just a little something else that I need to do. Behold, another blog entry of my new PC. LOL.

But if you look at the part being the motherboard tray, there’s this place with a lot of holes.

It’s not an ordinary holes. Actually another chassis fan can be installed here, where it will suck out the hot air at the back of the motherboard, which is used to cool down the motherboard.

This fan is optional already, and is not included by default. But to reach the optimal air flow configuration for this chassis, I so really feel that I want this fan to be installed as well. But it required a rare 80mm x 80mm x 15mm chassis fan. Getting 80mm x 80mm chassis fan is not a problem, but getting the one with 15mm thickness is a bit of problem. Most chassis fans are 25mm in thickness.

Searching website yields very promising result, so with haste, I placed an order for Cooler Master one.

But the next day, I get an email telling that my order is cancelled. When I check my order status screen, there’s no remarks written of why my order is cancelled. So I left a message to the store owner asking why my order is cancelled. Is it out of stock? Do they have stock for Evercool one?

But waiting for 2 days, I got no reply at all from the store owner. Gosh. This is so frustrating. I’m trying to help your business by ordering from you, but you seems to ignore your customer. Anyway, I have nothing against this store, just a bit frustration that my queries never been entertained.

So it’s time for a visit to Low Yatt plaza again. Man. I’ve been going to Low Yatt for 4 weekends straight. LOL. After searching high and low, I managed to find what I’m looking for – 80x80x15 chassis fan from my usual shop – All IT Hypermart.

Shopping devil haunting me again. Since I still have 1 unused SATA port left on the motherboard, and my chassis still have space for 2 more hard disks, I also bought another SATA2 320GB hard disk. I’m thinking of using this as my experiment hard disk. Will be installing Windows 7 Release Candidate on this hard disk.

So here is the fan installed at the back of the motherboard tray. You really need the fan with 15mm thickness or else you can never put back the cover as 25mm fan is too thick for it.

So after a month my computer table is a total mess, with my computer half naked, and just lying on the floor, finally I’m able to organize everything back today. Believe it or not, this is the place that I spend most of the time at home when I’m awake (I will be on bed for sure when sleeping)

Yes. My computer table chair is a bit off. Thinking of buying a better computer table chair one of these days.

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11 Responses

  1. marts says:

    Imre, pc tu nampak dah berwarna-warni dengan lampu2 tu. He he he…

    Nampak 2 cpu kat tepi tu, plus monitors, plus laptop lagiks.


  2. MOB Creatives says:

    FANtastic! you know what you need? an air-conditioner and a good ergonomical chair to support your back!

  3. Imran says:

    marts: hehe. tulah. nak tido sekarang dah tak yah pasang lampu tido. lampu dari cpu dah cukup menerangi bilik secara malap2. ahakz

    MOB Creatives: well. my room is air conditioned already. the chair is all i need now 😉

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    gambar kucing (tak sure yg mana satu), nampak amat menarik dalam bnilik tu.

  5. yazid says:

    ayoo man, ni yg paling syok sekali bila kita build pc from scratch. Ditambah pulak dgn the latest hardware bombed with right graphic card and speakers. Me? The cooler master product currently being used right now cuma additional vent fan dgn IDE cable aja, still stuck here with old P4 478 2.8ghZ hyperthreading… but still manage to overclocked beyond it standard spec. Speed wise takde le rasa ketinggalan… hehe

  6. Najib Hassan says:

    wah banyaknya pc…best tu buat multi tasking jobs..ekeke tp bilik tu best..clean and clear je! good jobs for single man ( single kah? ) hehe

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