My New PC VI


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  1. marts says:

    Imre, pc tu nampak dah berwarna-warni dengan lampu2 tu. He he he…

    Nampak 2 cpu kat tepi tu, plus monitors, plus laptop lagiks.


  2. MOB Creatives says:

    FANtastic! you know what you need? an air-conditioner and a good ergonomical chair to support your back!

  3. Imran says:

    marts: hehe. tulah. nak tido sekarang dah tak yah pasang lampu tido. lampu dari cpu dah cukup menerangi bilik secara malap2. ahakz

    MOB Creatives: well. my room is air conditioned already. the chair is all i need now 😉

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    gambar kucing (tak sure yg mana satu), nampak amat menarik dalam bnilik tu.

  5. yazid says:

    ayoo man, ni yg paling syok sekali bila kita build pc from scratch. Ditambah pulak dgn the latest hardware bombed with right graphic card and speakers. Me? The cooler master product currently being used right now cuma additional vent fan dgn IDE cable aja, still stuck here with old P4 478 2.8ghZ hyperthreading… but still manage to overclocked beyond it standard spec. Speed wise takde le rasa ketinggalan… hehe

  6. Najib Hassan says:

    wah banyaknya pc…best tu buat multi tasking jobs..ekeke tp bilik tu best..clean and clear je! good jobs for single man ( single kah? ) hehe

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