Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy XII is out, and I have had myself a copy already.

For the past 5 Final Fantasy series (starting from Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy IX to Final Fantasy X to Final Fantasy X-2), I like to have a perfect play – play all mini games, obtain ultimate weapon, and get all items. In order to do that, then you need their offical strategy guide.

Due to the pleasent experience that I received during my last order of ordering Final Fantasy X-2 Strategy Guide from (now called, I’m ordering Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Guide from them again this time.

Got a call from our receptionist today, and she said that I got parcel. I have a strong feeling that my order has arrived. Went down immediately, and yes!!!! It has arrived!!!

I can’t wait to see what’s inside.


Nice.. Everything so mint and crisp inside.

Now I’m ready to embark my journey to Dalmasca. This going to be a long journey I guess (and the guide book is getting thicker from one version to another)


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  1. rave says:

    hai.. i’m azlan.. wan to know the price of ff12 guide walkthrough in kl… plz email me..

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