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My gaming history

People said it’s no good in going to dig your past, but I guess my blog entry this time is exceptional. I can see how gaming industries evolved right before my vary eyes, and...


Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide

Yeah. I received my book order from already. It’s this Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide. Don’t you know that we can buy books online from and it caters several countries in...


The box with an "X Factor"

You can call me crazy, but maybe I am, for what I’m going to write next is another crazy thing that I do, 20 days* after I did a crazy thing last time. Went...


Finished FFIX

Ok… Setelah bertungkus – lumus aku main game Final Fantasy IX for the Playstation, at last, aku habis gak malam ni, habis dalam pukul 3.05 am gitu. After macam2 benda yang dah jadik. CD...


Finished FFVII

Hey…Guest what?Whari ni aku dah habis main Final Fantasy VII.Harap2 aku bolehlah buat kerja nanti.Isk… Anak babi hitam dua2 ekor kat rumah aku ni semakin mengada2Cepat2lah woi pindah..Menyampah aku.