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  1. Malique says:

    Bijak… bijak…

  2. Raden Putra says:

    best kan? main game ni jadi some sort of escapism utk aku. for that 2-3hours, aku jadik org lain. hahahha… at least aku rasa main game ni so much better and healthy dari indulge dgn mender2 lain utk dapat kesan yg sama, cth: drugs, booze, e, and etc.

  3. Imran says:

    raden. that’s correct dude. aku masa main game, aku masuk masuk ke dalam watak org yg aku mainkan dlm game tu. kekadang pemikiran masa main game tu sampai terbawak2 keluar. hehehe.

  4. aries1981 says:

    hmm…ms aries x tau main2 game ni..tengok aje boleh lar..

  5. Malique says:

    ala belajar la ngan imran tu aries… gerenti boleh menang kalau lawan ngan saya… hik ape kes?

  6. aries1981 says:

    hmm..bagus gak idea malique tu! tapi sudi ke en imran nak ajar ms aries? hehehehe
    p/s: ade fees x?

  7. zika says:

    hye, im going to buy myself a gba SP soon so being a total noob about rewritable cartridge, would you mind briefing me the whole thing about it like the price, where you bought it, types or maybe the site where you download the gb games?you're right bout the original game cartridge being pricey so i thought i needed the knowledge. your help is hiiiighly appreciated so please help me out o lord o master.
    btw im malaysian staying in subang 🙂

  8. Hello! I appreciate you for the fantastic info. Keep writing! 😉

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