“Nasi Tomato” at La Cucur Cafe, MPH Mid Valley

If you see MPH, you might think that this is a good place to go to buy books, magazines and stationaries.

But the MPH at Mid Valley branch has something else to offer. There’s this La Cucur Cafe where you can sit and have something to drink or eat.

I always have the same thing here, which I want to highlight in this blog entry. Nasi Tomato here is simply a must try.

Priced less than RM10 for Nasi Tomato and mineral water (after 10% discount for Mid Valley’s tenant), this is really a good bargain to me. If you are the holder of MPH Card, you are eligible for 10% discount too.


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12 Responses

  1. rarza says:

    baru je balik dari midvalley.

  2. marts says:

    Selalu gi MPH ni beli buku, tapi memang tak pernah masuk la cucur. Ingat jual kuih muih cucur kodok je.

    • Imran says:

      sebelum ni m're pun x penah singgah sini. ada satu hari member ajak lunch kat sini. baru tahu tempat ni ada jual makanan berat gak. terus jatuh cinta ngan nasi tomato tu xD

  3. nolly dolly says:

    fuh..nampak sungguh menyelerakan.
    kena cuba ni.

  4. tweet says:

    camner dapat 10% less for tenant tu?..kn tunjuk access card ker?…he..he..

  5. Anif® says:

    Buat saya sangat lapar bila tengok gambar hidangan ini 🙂

  6. tweet says:

    10% less tu applicable utk semua restaurants at MidValley?…camtu,bestnyer…jom kita pg makan sama2 en tuan punya blog he..he..

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