My New WD TV Live HD Media Player


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  1. zaif says:

    akhirnyaa.. u dah beli gak wdtv live nih yek.. best sbb firmware dia sentiasa update n now dah bleh tengok facebook thru it.. u kena beli wifi adapter n put in another usb slot tu.. then bleh wifi tengok youtube n other network media tu..

    • Imran says:

      tulah. sakit hati sebab byk MKV yg baru download takleh nak view kat WDTV yg lama tu. oh takpe. i dah letak network port belakang dinding tu. so nanti cucuk LAN cable je bila Unifi ada 🙂

  2. zaif says:

    woww unifi.. bestt… bila nak dapat tu?

  1. October 24, 2011

    […] for me to “poison” him to the beauty of “High Definition World” with my WD TV Live and my collection of 1080p […]

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