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Ramadhan 2012 : Day 22

Went to McDonald’s today for “sahur”. The main intention is to get the 5th week glass. As for berbuka, I didn’t fancy of buying anything from “Pasar Ramadhan” still. Can’t bear the heart-ache of...


Ramadhan 2012 : Day 13

For berbuka puasa today, I’m meeting friends at One Utama, so they book a table at Garden Cafe. Quite a good place where it’s not crowded at all, and quite a good Ramadhan deal...


Ramadhan 2012 : Day 10

Wasn’t thinking of going to Pasar Ramadhan today. Just hate the crowd. So I just decided to go to one of the shop nearby my house selling Kelantan food. Fancy of eating Nasi Kerabu...