Ramadhan 2012 : Day 10

Wasn’t thinking of going to Pasar Ramadhan today. Just hate the crowd. So I just decided to go to one of the shop nearby my house selling Kelantan food.

Fancy of eating Nasi Kerabu for iftar today. And here is what I got – plain Nasi Kerabu with salted egg. I was planning of getting something else like “ayam percik” or fish.

There is a “makcik” standing next to me buying 1 very small fish for taking away. When asked for the price, it turned out to be RM5. I saw that “makcik” is a bit shocked, where she pays for it, and left.

Listening to that, I just cancelled the though of getting something else, and I’m ready to pay while taking a few RM1 notes from my wallet. This time, I get the shock. RM5 for that Nasi Kerabu? RM5 for the plain Nasi Kerabu with 1/2 of salted egg? The price of food during this Ramadhan really ridiculously high.

Luckily I still have a few frozen Mexican BBQ Chicken in the fridge that I can fry to go with my Nasi Kerabu.

I’m also getting a few “kuih” for iftar today. Some “nikbat” and agar – agar.

One thing that I don’t like about foods during Ramadhan is, they tend to reheat the dishes that they didn’t manage to sell over several days. For example this “Pulut Kaya” just went to the bin as it is spoilt and sour already.


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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    Nampak ketara kenaikan harga juadah berbuka tahun nie.. so far ade yang berpatutan harga tapi tak banyak lah..

  2. Sugel says:

    the next day, early morning after sahur, while we were waiting for azan subuh, i suddenly felt somthing in my tummy! OMG sweetpeas first babykick! at first i thot i was imagining, but when i felt it several times later , im well sured that was my baby moving around under. waaaa speechless. i half shrieked excitedly asking hubby to put his hand on my belly and sweetpea, being a such a darling let daddy felt her presence too. daddy was thrilled he didnt pull his hand away from me and we were smiling ourselves silly all the time ( sampai azanlah.hehe). what a fun experience! thank you baby. And honey, keep on dancing so that mommy knows that youre fine in there ok! mmwahhs! ——————————————————————– on the other note, did u guys perasan how expensive kuihmuih are getting lately? i hardly go to bazaar ramadhan that much but sometimes when we went there to get some kuih for berbuka, we found the prices were quite ridiculous. 2 pieces of burger msia ( fried balls with sambal ikan bilis ) now cost 1 ringgit. last time 40sen sebiji pun dah nonsense, ini 50 sen sebiji? gila ah. baik aku buat sendiri! plain nasi kerabu without lauk cost 4 ringgit! nasi dengan kelapa je! mahall gilee , nevertheless malaysians still happily spending away their money for those over-priced meals. ish2 whats happening to malaysia?

    • Imran says:

      congrats. so when you are expecting the baby 🙂

      about the price. yeap. i do agrees. this time things are getting really expensive. i was shopping for air tebu one day. didn’t expect to pay RM4 for a small pack of air tebu

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