Ramadhan 2012 : Day 9

After fast breaking yesterday, I didn’t really go back home. After Terawih, decided to go for a movie with my friend for the midnight show watching The Dark Night Rises. Pretty slow movie at the beginning where the pace picks up in the last 45 minutes of the movie.

Running at 2 hours and 44 minutes, the movie finishes at about 3:30am, and just decided to go for sahur at Kg Baru after that.

As for fast breaking today, I just went to Sentul “Pasar Ramadhan”. Haven’t been there yet this year and as always, getting parking is really nightmare here.

For the starter for fast breaking today, I’m getting some jelly and “kuih lopis”. The “gula melaka” syrup is a bit thin, but tastes as good.

Mixed rice again for my main course with some prawns and fried beef, together with the “sambal” filled grilled fish.

Well, it’s pretty rare to get this in KL, where so far I only see this at “Mek” stall here. This fish is pretty common in Kelantan, and always my favourite.

But it’s quite hard to find it there. I’ve been to 3 “Pasar Ramadhan”, and I can only find this at Mek’s stall at Pasar Ramadhan Sentul. It’s pretty much different with the grilled fish that you can find here in KL.


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