Ramadhan 2012 : Day 11

Another simple sahur for today. While at the petrol station last night, was thinking what I will have for sahur today, and I just got something that is available there – cup noodles and canned drink.

After work today, decided to just stop by at Pasar Ramadhan Bangsar, not very far from my workplace.

Some of the photos of the food that I’m buying today. Just a little overspent here today. LOL.

For the drink, I’m getting Sea Coconut today. RM4 per jug. Not sure if that is cheap or not.

The usual kuih lapis for starter. I’m also geting Kuih Tepung Pelita and Rojak for starter/dessert as well.

And this is the main meal for my iftar today – Nasi Lemak Kukus. It is quite nice. The rice is very tender. The “sambal” is good, and the fried chicken is delicious.


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