Author: Imran


Collecting Google AdSense payment

It’s time to cash out another round of Google AdSense earning. First thing to do is to print the payment details that you can found out from My Account -> Payment History page. Then,...


My blog new theme

Been spending the whole weekend with coding and tweaking of the new template to use for my blog. I have enough of using Blogging Pro theme which I started using when I first move...


Blog theme update in progress

Yes. You are at the right blog. Decided to finally change the theme of my blog. Please pardon the look at the moment as I’m still working on the code to chase the bugs...


I’m officially credit card-less

Been on the quest of clearing my credit card debt since the beginning on the year, and managed to kill 3 Citibank credit cards out of 4 credit cards that I own. I’ve got...


Blog template change?

Been using this template for so long. In search of the new template to use for this blog.


My New iPhone 4

Got home at about 6am from the Maxis iPhone 4 launching event. I was thinking of leaving the iPhone 4 first, and have it set up after a good sleep. But with my previous...


Official Maxis iPhone 4 Launch

Here I am at The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, for the launching of iPhone 4 by Maxis, and more importantly, getting myself a new iPhone 4. When I got to the enterence...


Please LIKE me

Nowadays, almost everything want to have Facebook to be associated with. So I guess I want my blog to follow the bandwagon too. I’m adding the Like button to my blog, which is part...


Fall 2010 TV Shows Premieres

The month of September 2010 is an exciting one as it is full with the returns and premieres of our favourites tv shows. I didn’t follow that much tv show series, but below are...


iPhone 4 released in Malaysia

Being a user of iPhone 3G, I so want to upgrade to iPhone 4. All the cool features that you can do with the iPhone; with the release of iOS 4 just simply not...


Migrate to Asia-Pacific data center II

Following up from my last entry, after so much thoughts, I’m determined to migrate my blog to Asia-Pacific data center. Weekend is just a perfect time that I can concentrate fully on this process,...


Migrate to Asia-Pacific data center I

I’ve been self-hosting my WordPress blog for a year plus already where I have my hosting with Actually, I have a web hosting account with since 4th February 2007. And throughout that...