Burger King Whopper for RM1

Get to know this yesterday from Marts blog about the RM1 Burger King Whopper with the purchase of 1 carbonated drink for 1 day only – 6th October 2010. So decided to have Burger King lunch today.

But with this so many people, I’ll pass and have something else for lunch. Even at 2pm, on my way back to office after lunch, the queue lenght still looks the same.


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  1. Michelle Leong says:

    no wonder!!! I saw da exact situation at Mid Valley, but I dint know there's such a promotion jz for 2day!

  2. marts says:

    Actually, kat opis yesterday we have a meeting and we even thought about having BK for makan during meeting. Ha ha ha…

  3. Kimizo says:

    memang best kalau dapat makan ni
    murah dan sedap

  4. Hi there Mohd Imran,

    This is Burger King Malaysia,

    We would like firstly say great job with your blog and the coverage of the RM1 Whopper it's a shame you didn't manage to enjoy a meal on the day anyway with your permission we would like to ask you if we could upload your photos and blog on our Official Burger King Malaysia facebook fan page.

    Thank again Mohd Imran and have a Whopping day πŸ˜‰

    • Imran says:

      Hello there.
      Really hope to see this kind of event again in the future πŸ™‚

      Oh yes. You are free to upload this photo and the content of this entry to the Official Burger King Malaysia facebook.

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