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Happy 6th Birthday Synovate

Today marks the 6th year Synovate is around. This company in Malaysia has been around for 11 years already, with the name of Asia Market Intelligence (AMI) prior re-branded to Synovate. So this year...


Busy end of 2008

Eight more days, and we will be leaving 2008. But it seems that 2008 doesn’t want to leave me that easy. Been really busy these few weeks with so many things that I need...


Back to work again :(

Sigh. Back to work after 5 days of rest (2 days of weekend, 1 day of public holiday and 2 days of annual leave). Waking up for work this morning is one of the...


Flying to Bulgaria again?

Just happened to read email from my boss below. From: xxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxx) Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 7:55 PM To: Imran Ismail (xxxxxxxxxx) Subject: FW: Malaysia Workbench training As you know, I will return...


My office’s aquarium comes alive

Looking at my blog’s visitor long, quite many people visiting the entries of planted aquarium set up. Browsing back those entries just bring back the joy that I have during the glory time of...


One uncertain leap

I’m in dilemma, so as the title of this entry. Just a while ago the CLID display of my office phone showing a random number. I picked up the phone, and the person greet...


Visiting NextHorizon in Guangzhou – Day 1

So, what brings me to this foreign land? Actually, I’m visiting the vendor site – NextHorizon – for this whole week. My company has this thing called smart sourcing, and working together with NextHorizon...


Flying to Guangzhou

It’s time for me to travel again. Gosh. I started to feel exhausted and sick of this. I got my luggage packed, and most importantly, 3000 Yuan, ticket and passport in sight so that...


My cats at office

Well, not literally. I just stick the photo of my 4 cats at my cubicle, and feel like showing it on my blog. I wonder what are they doing at the moment?


Salary increment for 2008

Gosh. So many events that happened to me at the start of this year. It’s quite hectic I have to say. But what happened today is really a pleasing one. My boss called me...


My first few days in Chicago

I’m staying at Chicago Marriott O’Hare hotel, which is 15 miles from downtown Chicago. And that’s about 24km. The person here can’t find any hotel that is in downtown area, which closer to the...