Busy end of 2008

Eight more days, and we will be leaving 2008. But it seems that 2008 doesn’t want to leave me that easy. Been really busy these few weeks with so many things that I need to settle before I stepping into the new year.

The 2008 Performance Management Process (PMP) was due on 17th December, and this is also the time where project volumes reaching it’s peak. I have to finish up my own PMP, as well as doing the PMP to 3 of my staffs. Overall, my PMP went well. I’m excel in certain areas, but tend to neglect other certains area. Well, I’m just a human being which cannot run away from imperfection.

The Dimensions Level II Certification Test, that I owe to all of the 10 programmers for 3 weeks already needs to be done pretty soon. So on I fine Saturday, all of the programmers are forced to come to office to take this test. All of them are very serious taking this test.

And what’s next, marking their test. Got to finish this before the new year. That sounds like a lot of work to do. LOL.

But I guess the thing that worries me so is Wendy leaving Malaysia for good back to Guangzhou, and then to Australia next year. To talk about Wendy needs an entry of its own.

I first met her back in March, as an effort to set up a preferred partner team there. Well I have to say the team there matured very fast and pretty well, where we need her help to help our team here in Malaysia. I’ve been wearing so many caps for so long, which has to stop, concentrating on the technical development area, which leave the team here yearning for support. That’s where Wendy came for help.

Well, someone has a brilliant idea by throwing a farewell party to her, together with 2 other members which resigning very soon. Even though not everyone can turn up due to work, but things that always impress me is that the gathering of my team members is always a happening one.

Cheers. All the best to Wendy, Arif and Amir, and all the best to all of us as well.

Ladies! No fighting please. We are having so much fun here and I don’t want to see blood spilling over the table.

And due to that incident, all knives and forks are kept well guarded from Zuhaida and Elina. LOL

Today, when reaching office, I saw this Christmas present from Wendy to me.

Once home, I unwrap the parcel,

and inside is this amazing cube that can use used as clock, calendar, alarm and themometer.

Thanks Wendy. And it’s rather shame that I don’t have anything to give her back. Today is just too hectic, with me being on MC yesterday. Today, I spend most of the time attending lots of emails that are claiming a piece of my soul.

I know a few of my team will read this entry. I hope you all not to worry of Wendy leaving. With her good guidance all this while, we have numbers and figures that show how much the team here has improved from the first time that we start. It is just a little bit more, and we will have a mature team. Keep up the good work!


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