Flying to Guangzhou

It’s time for me to travel again. Gosh. I started to feel exhausted and sick of this. I got my luggage packed, and most importantly, 3000 Yuan, ticket and passport in sight so that I won’t miss it. I woke up as early as 4am today to catch my 9am flight to Guangzhou. Booked a taxi already at 6am to bring me to KLIA, and the taxi’s here at 5:45am.

Yes. It’s MAS again that I’m flying this time. Being an Enrich member, I can collect miles from this trip, and eventually I hope that I collected enough for free trip somewhere (maybe to Indonesia side).

The gate for departure to Guangzhou changed last minute. Sigh. Walking from gate C1 to C15 is quite an exercise for me.

I’m staying at “4-star” Hotel Landmark Canton here in Guangzhou. It is just 5 mins walk to the office that I will be going to for the whole of 1 week here.

The hotel room is not bad. King size bed, tv showing satellite and cable program, as well as paid porn channel and free broadband internet.

But the best thing of all is the view from the window. The company that I’m going to visit tomorrow has booked a river view room for me. This is the view from my room. I bet the view will be nicer at night.

Anyway, 2 of the staffs (Jane and Joe) are very kind enough to pick me up at the airport, and bring me to the hotel. Once I arrived at hotel, Wendy then came and join. For a start, all 4 of us are having an evening tea at the restaurant nearby. Joe is ordering some food below, while me, Jane and Wendy having a sip on the hot chinese tea on this very fine 21 degrees celcius afternoon.

As always, when people from different culture sit on the same table, we tend to have an exchange of tales. Do you see the statue of the right below? That is 3-legged frog, which people here believe that it will bring money.

There is also an interesting piece of furniture here. An aquarium coffee table. Man! I really love this. When I have my own house in the future, this will be in my living room 😉

Fancy some ginseng? Well, this restaurant also offered ginseng/drink that has snake in it. Yeap. 1 jar containing snakes head, the other jar containing snakes body. I ask Jane about this, and it turned out that people drink this for health.

They asked me where I want to go next. Being in China I have to go their computer shops to look around at cheap china made products. So they brought me to Guangzhou’s technology and business district called Tianhe,

and went to several computer plaza there.

This place is pretty much like Low Yatt Plaza of Digital Mall in KL. Only that there are plenty of china made product, selling at very cheap price. Too bad that by the time that I got there, it almost closing time already. Shops closed at 7pm here.

Not doing any of the computer gadgets here since I can’t think what I want to get, but I stop at Canon store instead checking the price of Canon lens. Well, they are cheaper here. At the end, I just got myself a Circular Polarizing Filter for my lens here. I’m lucky to have them here, since most of people here can’t speak English. Joe also is very good at bargaining, and I’m getting that filter at a very very good price 😉

Wow. What a tiring day. Woke up at 4am today, and just having 1 hour nap in the flight, I feel very tired and so sleepy. Got back to the hotel after that. I kinda can’t wait to see how my hotel room window view looks like at night. Got in the room, went to the window, and I saw…..

Oh my. The view is so very nice, and very relaxing. Took a shower, ordered dinner from room service and I went to bed almost immediately after that. Tomorrow is a hard day.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. Masy says:

    alahai bestnyeeee

  2. The_Ampivia says:

    hey dood!those pic’s yummy!!esp the aquarium table!can i kinna keep it to my mmc and show it to my guy?he’s aqua man,bet he’ll love the idea too..really nice pics u have here!cant take my eyes out of it!so nice!i likkkeeee!:)

  3. ridzuan says:

    looks like a reallly fun business trip!

  4. zaif says:

    yeah agreed.. best gilerr… sonok dapat keje cam E nih.. merayau jek.. since ada DSLR nih mesti banyak gambar2 menarik yg disnap kan..

  5. Imran says:

    masy: huhu. tapi makan susah arr kat sana. tempat perkampungan muslim dorang jauh

    the_ampivia: no worries. leh je nak copy that pic

    ridzuan: yeah a bit fun. tapi lepas keje tu dah terlalu letih dan dah malam. so takleh nak jejalan memana sgt

    zaif: hehe. tulah. duk usung camera yg bagak ni merata2. sampai member2 opis kat sana asyik duk cakap “take a good care of your camera”. sana byk sgt kes2 org kena ragut

  6. job says:

    wow.. what a view..the night view is pretty amazing..:)

  7. ~PakKaramu~ says:

    visiting your blog

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