Visiting NextHorizon in Guangzhou – Day 1

So, what brings me to this foreign land? Actually, I’m visiting the vendor site – NextHorizon – for this whole week. My company has this thing called smart sourcing, and working together with NextHorizon is one part of it, replacing the old company that we worked with that couldn’t perform well. Can’t say too much about this, and this thing is so political and confidential.

NextHorizon is located on the 34th floor of Onelink International Plaza. Actually, the location is nice, at the heart of Guangzhou, overlooking the Pearl River.

One thing that I like about this building is the smart elevator they they have. Have you ever faced the situation where thousand of people waiting in front of a single elevator, since that one almost reached the ground floor? And eveybody just squeeze into that single elevator, with hands spagettied trying to press the floor button. And when the next elevator came, there’s hardly anyone got on it, and that pack elevator stop almost every floor.

Well, the elevator here work with the principle that you enter the floor that you want to go. The the panel will tell you which door to go through. In my case below, the panel said that I have to wait for elevator D.

This way, the elevator passenger is equally distributed between the 6 doors. And once you got into the elevator, there is no floor button to press, except the door open and door close button. I kinda like that that is very organized like this.

Not going to talk anything about the training I conducted today. It’s a boring topic to write anyway. There’s more fun thing that I would rather write, which is my dinner for today. I had dinner with 4 other NextHorizon’s member at Banana Leaf Restaurant – a thai restaurant located at Guangzhou World Trade Center. This is a very nice place. At the enterance, there is this very nice river like landscape greets you.

The interior decoration is very nice too. It’s like the rastaurant is built under a very lush trees…

… durian trees to be exact.

And not just that, there are also performances entertaining all the patrons at the restaurant.

I guess I got the spotlight too when the group came to our table, asking where I’m from, and singing a Malay song (which I never heard) after knowing that I’m from Malaysia.


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