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How to check your Maxis iPhone monthly data usage?

A heavy internet user on iPhone may at some point receive a surprise bill from Maxis totaling to RM350 (i.e RM100 monthly commitment + RM250 max capped for additional data usage). It happened to...


Maxis or DiGi iPhone 4?

One of the very famous question that I receive from friends about iPhone 4 is which one is better / cheaper to get? Maxis or DiGi? There’s no better way of comparing the two...


My New iPhone 4

Got home at about 6am from the Maxis iPhone 4 launching event. I was thinking of leaving the iPhone 4 first, and have it set up after a good sleep. But with my previous...


Official Maxis iPhone 4 Launch

Here I am at The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, for the launching of iPhone 4 by Maxis, and more importantly, getting myself a new iPhone 4. When I got to the enterence...


iPhone 4 released in Malaysia

Being a user of iPhone 3G, I so want to upgrade to iPhone 4. All the cool features that you can do with the iPhone; with the release of iOS 4 just simply not...


Now Playing! Web Application

Often, when I’m listening to the radio in the car and the DJ played a really cool tune that I heard it for the first time; I got restless wanting to know the title...

4 iPhone Application

It’s quite interesting to see that more and more Malaysia related iPhone applications are available for download from Apple Apps Store. The latest one that I see is this online radio. The


My blog is iPhone friendly

Got iPhone? Now you can view my blog with the usual iPhone Apps look. All the blog entries appears exactly the same as what you will see on computer, minus the extra stuffs that...


Maxis iPhone 3GS Special Privilege

As I suspected in my previous entry, Maxis has already come out with a plan for existing iPhone 3G user to own iPhone 3GS. No, it’s not a trade-in-your-old-iphone like what they had when...


iPhone 3GS is opened for booking

Was visiting Maxis website earlier just to check my phone bill, only when I noticed that the iPhone 3Gs is opened for booking already. As I mentioned in my previous entry of iPhone 3GS,...