iPhone 3GS is opened for booking

Was visiting Maxis website earlier just to check my phone bill, only when I noticed that the iPhone 3Gs is opened for booking already.

As I mentioned in my previous entry of iPhone 3GS, I kinda wondering on how Maxis will price this. But before that, lets look again at the price that I have to pay last time when getting iPhone with 24-months contract under iValue 1 plan.

And this is the same plan for iPhone 3Gs. Darn. Just RM100 extra, you get newer faster iPhone with double the storage (32GB). But this is what I expect already, and it always like that for Apple products. So I don’t really feel quite bad about it, but still, RM100 extra for faster large storage iPhone. (Darn again)

Lets just wait a few weeks, I bet there will be another campaign of trading your old iPhone 3G to get the newer iPhone 3GS πŸ˜‰


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  1. December 1, 2011

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