Planting grass at larger scale

This is actually a long lost draft post that I just found from digging my draft folder. Didn’t really know why I have kept it there for quite sometimes.

In the past, I have blog about planting grass for my cats. But the kit given usually is quite small. So I decided to plant grass at larger scale this time. So I get the following garden pot and soil from Carrefour.

This is the compressed soil and seed given in the grass kit that I bought.

First, I need to prepare the pot,

by putting as much as soil in it.

I don’t really want to waste the compressed soil that comes with this. So I get a saucer of water.

This is how the compressed soil looks like.

Once I place that in the water, it expanded twice its previous size.

Not the soil is ready to be used.

So next, I sprinkle the seed on the soil that I prepared earlier in the pot,

and after that I cover the seed with the compressed soil.

And after 1 week, my cats are ready to enjoy the grass 😉



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4 Responses

  1. marts says:

    Dah lama tak tanam rumput jugak. Skrg bagi bayam je kat Toto.

  2. Imran says:

    Cik Tot makan bayam ke? sebenarnya dah lama gak tak tanam rumput. gambar2 tu yg lama punya. still ada sekotak lagi seed rumput. ingat weekend ni nak berkebun lah. hehe

  3. agak2 boleh tanak bunga ros tak dalam rumah? err rumput tu kena dedah kat cahaya kat matahahari tak?

  4. Imran says:

    takut dorang makan je klu tanam bunga ros. karang keracunan. ha ah. kena letak kat matahari. saya selalu letak kat luar tingkap. time nak makan je bawak dia masuk suruh kucing2 saya meragut rumpu2 tu. pastu letak luar tingkap balik.

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