How to check your Maxis iPhone monthly data usage?


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  1. l0uie says:

    bro iphone 4 not have to be 1gb data usage?my usage now is 822MB but maxis already charges me due the over monthly quota,…. my bill now is 456 damn sad!

  2. dreamer says:

    use data monitor or data quota…;)

  3. Blueblury says:

    I look at the received data or sent data? Cause my received data is only 60mb but my sent is 560mb. Or I shall add them together? Very confusing. I appreciate it if you can help me with this. Thanks a lot.

  4. Blueblury says:

    Ya. I want to know why also. In stead, I am using wifi most of the time. No idea why is my usage so high. Now I have to off my 3G all the time unless necessary. I only use this phone for less than 2 weeks. And pretty sure I didn’t use so much data. Sigh. Anyway , thanks a lot for that. Good day.

  5. Burn~ says:

    Just wnna know,what is your average usage of data monthly??900mb?or maybe less? if less did u just leave the 3G on all the time or off it most of the time?

    • Imran says:

      my usage is usually around 500MB. yeap. i leave my 3G on all the time. but i'm connected to Wifi at office and home. that's why i don't use much bandwidth from the data plan

  6. Burn~ says:

    let say if we open the 3G n then connected to the WIfi,does the data charge will accumulate or it will use the wifi??

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