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My cats having dinner

It has become a normal thing for me to hear cat meowing in front of my bedroom’s door everytime I wake up in the morning to work. It has also become a normal thing...


Taming feral kittens – Day 5

I cannot stand the mess from the small cage of the kitten in the living room anymore. It gets really mess outside, with litter and uneaten food spreading all over the place. And I...


Taming feral kittens – Day 4

I have to agree that taming my two feral kittens with food is such a powerful thing. They tend to relate my giving food with building a trust in themselves that I mean no...


Taming feral kittens – Day 3

Day 3 with my quest of taming the 2 feral kittens. I’m sticking with bribing them with the food, by means of feeding to their mouth using spoon. At first, both are reluctant to...


Taming feral kittens – Day 1

Day 1. The 2 feral kittens from Perlis that brought home, they do show a little improvement. At first, I can’t even go near their cage, and they start to growl, hiss and even...


Wish me luck with feral kittens

Feral, according to refers to fe·ral–adjective existing in a natural state, as animals or plants; not domesticated or cultivated; wild. having reverted to the wild state, as from domestication: a pack of feral...


Oyen meeting vet

Allright. Going to bring Oyen to vet today for vaccination. It’s been 2 weeks since Oyen first visit vet for his diarrhea problem. Nothing serious before. He just has an upset stomach from eating...


An aquarium of CAT

If you have seen people keeping fish, snake, hamster, turtle or lizard in aquarium, you ain’t seen everything yet. The latest hobby that have just becoming popular – keeping a cat in aquarium. Nah....


Shopping for Oyen II

Oyen’s Friskies is almost finish. Guess need to go out and buy a new one. Like always, I end up buying more things for Oyen. LOL. And here are what I bought today. The...


Oyen eating grass

Remember the grass that I bought for Oyen the other day? Well, I planted it already, and it started to grow. It is not fully grown yet. This is how it looks on the...


Shopping for Oyen I

This is the current litter tray that Oyen use. Inexperience during my first buy (when I first decided to keep Oyen), I soon realize that this is a really bad choice. Cats instintively cover...


Oyen on Catster

Oyen now has his own Catster page. Scratch your own badgeVisit my family You may visit Oyen’s Catster profile page at