Shopping for Oyen I

This is the current litter tray that Oyen use. Inexperience during my first buy (when I first decided to keep Oyen), I soon realize that this is a really bad choice.

Cats instintively cover their urine and feces, and during the process, litter may fly around. And that’s what happened here. My laundry area got covered with scattered litter. Looking at Marts blog entry about his Cik Tot, why didn’t I think of getting the litter tray with cover?

With the annoucement of 13th month salary (bonus lah tu) made by my MD last night, this is a perfect time for Oyen’s little shopping. Went to visit The Pet Family today.

And here are the things that I shop for Oyen today.

The first thing is this Cat Dome – the cat’s litter tray with cover. I quite like the design. Is that Oyen? Darn. The cat that is on the box really looks like Oyen.

Lets open the box, and see what’s inside. Oyen seem so exited with all the boxes and plastic bags that I brought home. He is the first one to jump into the opened box.

Let see how to assemble this, and……

….walla. Here’s the finished product. Looks more like a vacuum cleaner to me.

And let’s open the top cover. Neat!!! And Oyen is there as the model of the product again.

The second thing that I get is this Pet Litter Deodorant. The last litter that I get is not that quality. It doesn’t absorb the odour that much, or should I say, it doesn’t absorb odour at all. My laundry area started to get smelly from the litter tray.

It will be a waste if I want to change it now. I guess the temporarily solved this problem is to use this deodorant. Just sprinkle lightly, and mix with the litter.

The third thing is this scratching post. Well, I might not know where and when will sharpen the claw by scratching, but I guess I have this as one of the option. I hope my sofa and my bed is no longer a victim of Oyen’s claw.

And this is Oyen testing his new scratching post. He seems to enjoy it a lot.

Finally, is this grass. I used to watch cats eating grass, and I thought, what the heck that cat is doing.

But after I did some reading, cat eat grass as it acts as a natural emetic, that causes vomiting, as part of getting rid of hair builds up in the stomach. Because the cat’s tongue is covered with tiny, backward-facing hooks, the cat has no choice but to swallow all the loose hairs that come out during grooming.

And Oyen is house cat, and grass is not available to him naturally. So let’s plant some grass inside the house using this. And the instruction:

Anyone knows how to read Japanese?


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    wahh bestlah Oyen dpt tuan macam imran. Silap..dapat imran sebagai tuannya,hehe. Tapi rasanya one day imran kena cari pasangan untuk Oyen lah..hehe taklah dia kesunyian.

  2. Imran says:

    uiks amirah.. tak tido lagi ke time2 cam ni? hehehe.. tulah. memang bercadang nak carik sekor kucing lagi nih. buat teman oyen

  3. marts says:

    The Pet Family tu mmg aku pun suka shopping barang2 ikan and kucing kat situ. Kalau jadi member dapat diskaun lagi.

    I use the same grass for the cat as well tapi Cik Tot makan sikit2 jer. Tak sedap kot. Ha ha ha…

    Oyen punya tandas kelas la, macam convertible car pulak. Jealous aku.

    Pasal suggestion nak get another cat tu kena fikir betul2. Kucing kalau ada kawan2, kalau dia dah main kejar2 habis tunggang langgang rumah.

    Aku rasa Oyen musti suka sangat duduk ngan Imre!

  4. hayad says:

    oyen is very cute!!
    geram..rasa nak picit2.Masa f3 saya ada kucen sebijik cam oyen ni, suatu masa tu dia asik cirit2 dlm umah, last masa blk dr sek saya tgk dia takde, upe2nye mak dah buang..seminggu nanges šŸ™

  5. moon says:

    memang betul kelas ini kucing..
    nanti kalau balik kampung lama2 kena bawak la kan?
    tak beli cage dia untuk travelling ke?

  6. AceOne says:

    Oyen bercakap ni: Tuan saya memang best la. Mana mau cari ler!!!

  7. pisang goreng 115,NF says:

    aku tahu satu saje….

    ‘neko’ iaitu kucin dalam jepun..

    wa ka ka ka ka ka

  8. meera says:

    wahhhhhhhhh… bertuahnya oyen… pasti dia akan banyak mendoakan kesejahteraan Im… cayalah! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  9. Pisces says:

    jgn lepas nie, tak nak balik kg udah ler..
    sbb sayang nak tinggal kan oyen sensorang kat rumah..

  10. hayat says:

    bertuahnya ko imran sbb roommate ko x kisah ko bele kucin tu. aku xbley, bini aku x suke kucin adeh deh.

    lg 1, kucin jantan dah tua suke kencin merata, jaga-jaga.

    kucin betina = suka beranak ahahah

  11. zareen says:

    actually, ntah camne la sy bole terlalu kt ur blog nih…
    of course bila nampak kucing…sy misti stop punya…sbb sy nih gila kucing… šŸ™‚

    nway…nak tny sket…the pet family tu kt ner eh..?
    teringin gak nak shopping utk my cat…

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