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I for once starts to become diligent again writing more often since September, where suddenly, I’ve becoming blur of what to write. No interesting thing that happened in my life lately. I just wish...


My blog new theme II

Glad to know that I have a fan of my blog new look from the changing that I did over the weekend. Looks like someone got hypnotize by the cockroaches. Go Oyen. Crash those...


My cats relaxing

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my cats. So, how are they doing? They are doing just fine, and lying down and being lazy are what best that they do.


Blackwood Cat Food II

It’s official. I have changed my cat’s food to Blackwood. If you didn’t follow the earlier story about this, Royal Canin Indoor is just ridiculously expensive to use. All my cats seem to be...


Blackwood Cat Food

Ouch! The recent price hikes for Royal Canin cat food really force me to start finding different brand. Used to be RM190ish for 10kg pack of Royal Canon Indoor, now it’s around RM220ish. That’s...


Cat’s Fur Management

Keeping cat as pet is not for everyone, especially to those with asthmatic. Cats groom themselves very often, and in the process, at the loose hair will fall and starts collecting on the furniture...


Lazy Sunday

What a slow weekend for the human being in this house and other creature alike. Just spent the whole of yesterday and today at house. I receive No Hari Raya open house invitation yet...


Planting grass at larger scale

This is actually a long lost draft post that I just found from digging my draft folder. Didn’t really know why I have kept it there for quite sometimes. In the past, I have...


My cats enjoy HDTV too

I just finished downloading Full HD 1080p IMAX Coral Reef Adventure (again, courtesy of my beloved friend – Mr. Torrent), and it is really a time for me to enjoy the content on my...


Oyen’s sleeping madness

I still can’t sleep at this moment. Don’t really know why my sleeping time has gone hay-wired lately. I guess it’s due to the Bulgaria trip last 2 weeks. One thing that I notice...


Oyen’s foot injury

Just before I went to Bulgaria last Sunday, I noticed that Oyen didn’t walk properly. From looking at his paw, I can see there’s some sort of cut, and I thought it is just...


Tent for my cats

Happened to be in Penang again, and went to this newly opened Jusco, so close to where my friend lives at Bandar Perda. This Jusco has quite big pet section compared to others that...