Cat’s Fur Management

Keeping cat as pet is not for everyone, especially to those with asthmatic. Cats groom themselves very often, and in the process, at the loose hair will fall and starts collecting on the furniture or wherever they landed. And they just like a fur producing factory, where those fallen fur got replaced so quickly, and the process go over and over again.

Still remember the red Bastis Pet Bed that I got from Ikea, which I converted to free flow bed?

Well my cats just know how to fully utilise that, especially Oyen.

This bed has become a place for him to day-dreaming,

and also having a good afternoon nap.

Well, once in a while when Oyen is not using it, Uneng is also using it for resting,

and what other best thing to do than to sleep in this soft and comfy bed.

Here is Oyen again enjoying his sleep in this bed at different occasion than before.

With this frequent usage, this is what happened. The bed is so full with cat’s fur.

And every people that have cats for pet really know the nightmare of removing those fur from cloths or furniture. Vacuuming it doesn’t help as the static charge of the furniture surface sturdily hold cat’s fur to it.

Well tonight, I want to introduce you to my best friend when doing the chores of removing cats fur from cloth, something that I got from Mong Kok’s Ladies Market from my visit to Hong Kong 2 years ago.


Do you see the slider next to the handle? That slider determines in which direction that you should brush. If the slider at this position, then you brush up.

And if the slider at this position you brush down.

With the brushing motion you made, it will pick up the cat’s fur along the way.

To clean the brush, I just wiggle the slider up and down several time, and eventually all the cat’s fur that are picked up by the brush will be collected in the container.

After several round on brushing, and emptying the container when its full, this is the result. I have to warn you what you are about to see is quite disgusting. LOL. See, I can built another kitten with that amount of fur.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

11 Responses

  1. marts says:

    Ha ha ha betul tu Imre. Tot sekor pun bulu dah merata2 apa lagi banyak cam Imre. Marts guna roller yg beli kat ikea je, tak canggih pun. Kui kui

  2. tedi says:

    ada gak nampak benda nak kat kedai haiwan. tapi aku still guna vacum!!

    lepas ni aku cari benda seakan2 macam ni lah… betul!! boleh buat sekor lagi kucing. anak kucing mungkin! he he he

  3. dak^penang says:

    mesti la hari2 kena brush, tambah2 kat atas cadar atau pun sofa. Cari le sowang maid khas untuk tuceng jer

  4. ok, baru berniat nak bela kucing kat rumah baru tu, so cancellah..hahahahaa

  5. Ell says:

    haish…tgk kucing2 tue landing buat I rasa nak landing jgk pagi2 dihari hujan nie (*_*)

  1. April 13, 2011

    […] how I deal with cat’s fur last time? Well, from my recent house moving, I have misplaced the brush that I use for this […]

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