Shopping for Oyen II

Oyen’s Friskies is almost finish. Guess need to go out and buy a new one.

Like always, I end up buying more things for Oyen. LOL. And here are what I bought today.

The first this is this pet carrier. I will be bringing Oyen to vet soon, and Oyen is not someone that you can just carry like that. He will start scratching you with his claw. So porting Oyen around should be easier with this thing.

I guess Oyen also would like to have variety in his meal. So I buy Whiskas this time. But he will hardly eat the dried one, and keeps meowing for food. So I just found a trick on how to get him to finish all his meal. Usually, I will mix the dried cat food a little with the wet one. In my case here, I like the Mackarel fish flavour a lot, since it is made from real fish, and you can find real fish inside, instead of processed fish.

I used to see pet shop selling bubble maker, to make you cat play with the bubble. But it costs RM40+. I’m not paying RM40+ for a bubble maker, instead I get this RM19 bubble maker from Carrefour. The idea is, to make a bubble, and your cat will play with the bubble by chasing it around.

But in Oyen’s case, something totally different happened. He seems to be afraid of the bubble, and starts running away when the bubble approaches him. Hahaha.. I guess this is just another toy that I will give my nephew or nieces.

I soon then realize, oh, the one that is sold at the pet shop is specialized for cat one. The mixture that produce the bubble has chicken or fish scent. And that makes the cat chase the bubble.

Anyway, the third thing that I get for today’s shopping is this catnip spray. How I love experimenting with new things. And this is something from the label

Cats love to sniff, roll, tread and even chew Catnip plants (a member mint family). The active ingredient in Catnip plants (nepetalactone) has carefully extracted from Catnip leaves and combined into Cat Lover Catnip Spray for easy application. Simply spray your cat’s toys, scratching post, bedding etc. and watch the playful kitten come purring out. The effect of Catnip is short-lived (up to 15 minutes), harmless and non-addictive and has been enjoyed by cats for centuries. Male and female cats of reproductive age are more sensitive to the aroma of Catnip than very young or old cats.

Also, bought Oyen a new toy to play with. And I will use this to test the effect of Catnip Spray.

Lastly, something that I bought by mistake. Cat’s flea comb. My idea of buying comb is to comb away all the loose fur from Oyen’s body. But hey. I can always keep this in case I found any flea on Oyen’s fur.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

3 Responses

  1. AceOne says:

    Lucky punya Oyen. Spesel punya layanan!!

  2. meera says:

    anak sorang boleh la layan camtu Im hehehe… Im nak tau Rooney saya suka main senduk… pantang nampak senduk mesti nak sentuh punya, sanggup panjat meja makan tu…

  3. Imran says:

    aceone: anak tunggal kena layan baik πŸ˜€

    meera: hehe.. tulah… tapi nak nak keep ramai2. tak terjaga nanti

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