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“Balik Kampung” for Aidilfitri 1433H/2012M

The joy of “Balik Kampung” never gets old. It’s the time of the year again where I will be heading back to my hometown for Aidilfitri celebration. I have the new notes exchanged already,...


Evergreen Hari Raya Songs

As maybe the majority of you, I think that nothing can beat those evergreen Hari Raya songs. For me, there is something about those songs, and I never get tired of listening to them...


Hari Raya Hamper Suprise from Telekom Malaysia

Well folks, I’m on leave today. On the day that I want to have a good rest at home, sleeping, I receive a call from an unknown landline number as early as 8:50am. The...


Doktor Umum

This is something that I recently bought. The original english version of “A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad” has now been translated to Bahasa Melayu and it’s called...


Annoying Real Estate Agents

To the future home owner, I really hope that you read this post sooner, just to save you from heart ache later on. If you plan to buy a house, please spend RM5 to...


Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone. It’s time to start out with a brand new 2012 calendar.


Official Maxis iPhone 4S Launch

This week seems to be moving pretty slow, and the day that I’ve been longing to meet has finally arrived. I will be joining the Maxis iPhone 4S Pre Launch Event at Kuala Lumpur...


Maxis iPhone 4S plan revealed

After so much prediction of how much iPhone 4S will be priced, today Maxis has officially revealed the plan. Well, this is not a surprise at all as this was leaked by Malaysian Insider....


Counting down to iPhone 4S launch event

If you are a fan of Apple’s iDevices AND you’ve been following the news about the next release of iPhone AND you’ve been waiting when it will be available in Malaysia, the excitement is...


iPhone 4S coming soon to Malaysia

Earlier today, I do the usual visitor log monitoring for my blog, and found that my past posts about iPhone 4 are getting quite a number of hits. That looks fishy, so I headed...


RIP Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

Just after a day that Apple unveiled the new version of iPhone (iPhone 4S), the world has been shocked again with the news that Steve Job has died. Taken from Apple’s website: Apple has...


I begin my life in KL with this

My mum was here in KL last week visiting my new house for the first time. You can imagine how hard I was working to tidy my house, of which this will be a...