Counting down to iPhone 4S launch event

If you are a fan of Apple’s iDevices AND you’ve been following the news about the next release of iPhone AND you’ve been waiting when it will be available in Malaysia, the excitement is in the air now as the date that the new iPhone 4S will be launched in Malaysia is confirmed.

It’s started on 1st December that Maxis has put up Registration Of Interest page on their website for those who would like to get iPhone 4S. And after that, people keeps guessing when the ROI page will be taken down, and the information about the launch event will be published.

The Maxis ROI was finally yesterday, and again, people keeps guessing on when launch event booking page will be up. Woke up for work today, and the first thing that I did was to check my email. It just made up my day to see the email from Maxis about booking the spot for the iPhone 4S launch event. Below are the slots that you can choose to collect your new iPhone 4S, except the Pre Launch Event slot where iPhone 4S will start selling at 12:01am, 16th December 2011.

This event will be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, same place when iPhone 3G was launched in March 2009.

But you will want to get the Pre Launch Event slot as you will be among the earliest to be in queue. By the time Midnight Launch Event kicks out, I bet there will be lots of people there. And according to Maxis, places at the Pre Launch Event is by invitation only, given to those. So if you sign up for that slot, you are not guaranteed to be invited to that slot.

It is a 12 hours wait (I book my spot at 8:30am, and got the confirmation email at 8:19pm). I’m so glad that I managed to secure a spot at the Pre Launch Event. Been reading from Lowyat forum that there are people that book for this slot, but given the Midnight slot instead since it’s already full.

Now it is just a matter of waiting for the day that I will be owning iPhone again. I hope Maxis will speed up the press thingy (interviewing the first person in the line, photographing for media) this time. The last time when I was there for iPhone 4S launching, the queue only started moving at 1am, 1 hour after the midnight launch time due to that.


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