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Bloody Strategic Management

Dear diary….The exam is really near, but I;m still like this.Still malas nak study…Takut…. Well… Since the first year, I’ve been dreaming to get first class. But hakikatnya, it’s really impossible for me. Strategic...


Fikiran yang berkecamuk

Dear diary..After being with my housemate for so long, now I realise that he’s not really meant to be in the same house as mine. There are so many things of him that don’t...


My internet is free!!!

Aku stil lagi duk depan komputer.Malam ni Hasri datang, nak main Final Fantasy VIII dialah.And one more good thing today, internet aku dah free…Muahahahhaa….Kitaorang tengah tunggu pizza nih.Pesan yg delivery punya.Cepatlah…. Makan ni 3...